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13 LGBTQ Pride Flags and What They Stand For

13 LGBTQ Pride Flags and What They Stand For

Flags that help other members of the LGBTQ community feel seen and heard.

Rainbow Pride Flag

This flag is used to represent the overall LGBTQ community. Many organizations and businesses use this flag as a symbol to show that their establishment is a safe area for everybody in the community.

CNN reviews that this flag was created by Gilbert Baker in 1978 after he was commissioned by Harvey Milk who was the primary brazenly homosexual elected official in California. Every color of the flag has a unique which means and the flag Baker created had two extra colors than the fashionable flag we’ve got immediately. The pink and turquoise have been excluded in order that the flag can be simpler to mass produce. The colors have the following meanings:

Pink: Sex

Red: Life

Orange: Healing

Yellow: Sunlight

Green: Nature

Turquoise: Magic

Blue: Harmony

Violet: Spirit


Philadelphia’s People of color Inclusive Flag

This flag was created in 2017 to offer illustration to black and brown People within the LGBTQ community and the Unique challenges they face. A supply instructed Philadelphia Journal, “With all the black and brown activism that’s labored to handle racism within the Gayborhood over the previous yr, I believe the brand new flag is a superb step for the town to show the world that they’re working towards totally supporting all members of our community.”

Actress and director Lena Waithe turned heads when she wore a cape that includes these colors to the 2018 Met Gala.


Bisexual Pride Flag

Bisexuality could be defined a number of alternative ways depending on who you ask in the community. For a lot of, it is seen as attraction to each women and men. Others use it to explain attraction to more than one gender, but not all genders. Some even describe it as attraction to the gender you establish as and no less than one other gender.

In accordance with Pride, this flag was created by activist Michael Web page. He wished to create a symbol for bisexual People to feel related to since he felt the rainbow flag wasn’t doing the job. Every of the colors represent some type of attraction.

Pink (or magenta): Same-sex attraction

(Royal) blue: Opposite-sex attraction

Red (lavender): Attraction to each sexes.

Pansexual Pride Flag

Pink News says it is unclear who really created this flag, but ever because it began displaying up online in 2010, it is grow to be a a symbol of attraction to all genders.

Pink: Attraction to women

Yellow: Attraction to all other genders

Blue: Attraction to men

Lesbian Pride Flag

The original lesbian delight flag had a Red kiss mark within the prime left nook. It was launched to the world to the world in a blog again in 2010, in accordance with OutRight Motion International. Some People nonetheless use that kiss mark to represent female or “lipstick” lesbians. It was created by Natalie McCray and the other colors of Red and pink are stated to represent other colors of lipstick.

In a 2018 Medium article, McCray was accused of transphobia, biphobia and racism amongst other issues. The brand new flag with orange stripes was proposed.

Within the new flag, the colors represent the following:

Darkest Orange: Gender non-conformity

Middle Orange: Independence

Lightest Orange: community

White: Unique relationships to womanhood

Lightest Pink: Serenity and peace

Middle Pink: Love and Sex

Darkest Pink: Femininity

In response to the Medium article, McCray posted on her blog denying these claims.

There’s additionally a delight flag that was made in 1999 by Sean Campbell, in accordance with Pride. It isn’t as in style in the community and is controversial for various causes together with the truth that it was created by a person and the black triangle could be linked to Nazi Germany.

Asexual Pride Flag

In accordance with the Asexual Visibility and Training Community, Asexuality is defined by an absence of sexual attraction. “They don’t seem to be drawn to People sexually and don’t want to behave upon attraction to others in a sexual manner.”

Asexuality can be a spectrum of attraction the place People can fall right into a subset known as “grey asexuality.” Individuals who establish this fashion name themselves “grey ace.” This spectrum contains individuals who feel sexual attraction occasionally, who solely feel sexual attraction below a selected set of circumstances and extra.

In accordance with Medium, the flag was created in 2010 to help create consciousness to the community.

Black: Represents Asexuality as a complete

Grey: Represents grey asexuality and demisexuality. Demisexuality is defined as no sexual attraction except there’s a sturdy emotional bond in accordance with AVEN.

White: Represents sexuality

Red: Represents community

Intersex Pride Flag

In accordance with Deliberate Parenthood, Intersex is an umbrella time period for individuals who’s our bodies don’t align with the gender binary of female and male. Some People can have each units of genitals, varied combos of chromosomes or extra variations.

This flag was created in 2013 by Morgan Carpenter. In an interview with Intersex Peer Help Australia, Carpenter stated, “I wished to create a picture that individuals may use to represent intersex People with out depending upon what I believe are sometimes misconceptions or stereotypes.”

Carpenter selected these colors as symbols to the community.

Gold or yellow: Impressed by a narrative instructed by fellow intersex particular person Mani Mitchell to reclaim the slur “hermaphrodite” used in opposition to the intersex community.

Red Circle: Within the interview, Carpenter stated, “The circle is about us being unbroken, about being complete and full,” in addition to the fitting for Intersex People to make choices about their our bodies.

Transgender Pride Flag

In accordance with Pride, this flag was created by transgender lady Monica Helms in 1999. Pride quotes her saying, “The sample is such that irrespective of which manner you fly it, it’ll at all times be right. This represents us looking for correctness in our personal lives.”

Blue: Represents boys

Pink: Represents women

White: Represents people who are transitioning, don’t have any gender or are gender neutral

Genderqueer Pride Flag

Genderqueer individuals are people who do not conform to society’s concepts of how they need to act or specific themselves primarily based on the gender they have been assigned at birth. In accordance with Psychology As we speak, “This can be by way of their ideas, emotions, behaviors, and, most importantly, their gender id.”

The flag was created by Marilyn Roxie in 2011, in accordance with Pride.

Lavender: Represents androgyny

White: Represents agender identities

Green: Represents non-binary People

Genderfluid Pride Flag

people who are genderfluid do not establish with one gender, but slightly their gender id shifts between male, feminine, or elsewhere on the spectrum. How typically somebody’s id shifts relies on the person.

The flag was created by JJ Poole in 2012 in accordance with OutRight Motion International.

Pink: Represents femininity

White: Represents all genders

Red: Represents each masculinity and feminity

Black: Represents an absence of gender

Blue: Represents masculinity

In an interview with Majestic Mess Designs, Poole stated they created the flag as a result of genderfluidity lacked a symbol and the time period “genderqueer” did not precisely match.

“I had been looking for an id that match me. On the time I knew genderqueer match me, but it surely nonetheless felt too broad. I discovered genderfluid to be becoming but was disillusioned with the dearth of symbolic illustration,” Poole stated. “I wouldn’t name myself an artist, but I’ve dabbled with drawing and bits of Photoshop, so I made a decision to create it myself. And I made a pair flags really, but this one I submitted to a blog on Tumblr about genderfluidity and gender fluid People. It had an enormous following on the time. They usually beloved it. And it took off.”

Agender Pride Flag

In accordance with Oxford Dictionary, somebody who’s agender does not establish with any gender. This delight flag was created in 2014 by Salem X in accordance with OutRight Motion International.

Black and white: Characterize an absence of gender

Grey: Semi-genderlessness

Green: Non-binary genders

Non-Binary Pride Flag

Just like being genderqueer or genderfluid, non-binary People’s gender id fluctuates.

OutRight Motion International says this delight flag was created in 2014 by Kye Rowan for non-binary individuals who did not feel the genderqueer flag represents them. The time period “queer” has additionally been used as a slur in opposition to the LGBT community, though many individuals have reclaimed the time period.

Yellow: Represents genders outdoors of the gender binary

White: Represents individuals who establish with many or all genders

Red: Represents genders which might be a mixture of female and male

Black: Represents people who are agender

“Progress” Pride Flag

This flag was created in 2018 by Daniel Quasar in response to Philly’s up to date delight flag. It combines the colors and stripes from Philly’s model of the delight flag and the colors of the transgender delight flag.

On the flag’s Kickstarter, Quasar says, “When the Pride flag was recreated within the final yr to incorporate each black/brown stripes in addition to the trans stripes included this yr, I wished to see if there might be extra emphasis within the design of the flag to offer it extra which means.”

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