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5 horror sequels even better than the original

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Fear sequels are inclined to be turgid affairs, with limited-to-nothing to live with the old movies and repeating the tropes and beats of their predecessor without adding much novel to the desk. Infrequently, nonetheless, diamonds within the rough seem, tearing up everything you deem about awe sequels. 


Deplorable Ineffective II

Sam Raimi is the grasp of awe – even when he’s doing a awe-comedy. 

Deplorable Ineffective II is design higher than simply a sequel in title easiest, as the timeline of this movie and The Deplorable Ineffective is sophisticated – and the old movie will get retconned to originate this work. Nonetheless remove nothing faraway from how correct this movie is. In actuality creepy, in actual fact amusing, and surprisingly suspenseful – it’s a rare case of a director in actual fact remaking their cling work. 

The useful special effects add such magic to the experience, and finding out about how they made it adds one other layer of appreciation for this movie. Seeing Raimi unleashed, combining his two strengths of awe and comedy makes you wonder what he would possibly possibly well maybe live with trendy-day movie-making ways. Perchance he’s continuously been glorious to auteur filmmaking? 

Deplorable Ineffective II additionally sets up Military of Darkness, which is one of the most one real motion pictures of all time, so it’s hard to debate this being the relaxation as an alternative of a masterpiece. 

THE THING (1982)

This one went to the adjudication panel but passed narrowly. 

A sequel/delicate reboot to the 1951’s The Thing From One other World, John Wooden worker’s The Thing is an exhilarating awe movie with one of the most one real cliffhanger, originate-ended finales within the trendy movie canon. 

Frequent John Wooden worker collaborator Kurt Russell’s charismatic efficiency as MacReady, alongside Keith David as Childs gives the movie enormous legitimacy. The movie didn’t compile a particular reception upon free up but has since radically change a cult fundamental. I’d be willing to claim it’s one of the most few motion pictures I’ve been able to counsel simply about any individual and had them compile pleasure from it. 


Three more days to Halloween, Halloween, three more days to Halloween, Silver Shamrock

Prolonged long previous is the postulate of an dependable Halloween sequel, with failed sequels fancy Halloween H20 and the most modern free up of Halloween Kills. Nonetheless again in 1982, the one real correct Halloween sequel used to be made: Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

What makes Season of the Witch so correct is maybe that it has nearly nothing to live with the memoir of Michael Myers or any slasher. It’s a descent into madness and the 2 leads evaluate the mysterious death of a particular person, which leads them onto a enormous conspiracy though-provoking hunks of Stonehenge and maybe quite of thoughts exhaust a watch on. 

Halloween can cling quite of little bit of thoughts exhaust a watch on, as a tackle. 


There’s quite of a theme rising of delicate reboot and contentious/imprecise sequels making up this record, and this entry isn’t any plenty of.

The Conjuring 2 is a prepare-as much as James Wan’s The Conjuring which adopted paranormal investigators (and doable dependable-life charlatans) Ed & Lorraine Warren as they dived into a chain of spooky-doos at a farmhouse in Rhode Island. 

Drawl across the opposite side of the Atlantic, the sequel follows the Enfield Haunting case and sees the return of the Warrens after design more spooky-doos happen to a family in a council dwelling. This movie does one thing that I bask in in awe – daylight awe. Anything will likely be scary within the ineffective of evening, but scaring me genuine by the supposed safety of daylight is continuously an inspired replacement. 


Basically the predominant enormous awe sequel and arguably the largest sequel in cinema historical previous is Bride of Frankenstein. A dusky-and-white fundamental, Bride is the closing model of the Frankenstein memoir in celluloid originate.

It’s remarkable looking at this and realising every how far moviemaking has near since 1935, and additionally what has stayed the a similar. I wouldn’t name Bride an extraordinarily scary movie with trendy-day goggles on, but there would possibly possibly be accumulated this magical direct about it. 

Since 1935 there cling been a total lot of attempts to remake Bride but none cling near shut, and there’s accumulated this fixed, ominous, and unerring threat of 1 other remake down the line. Perchance that’s the particular monster in all this; our desire to remake what’s already finest. 

What live you deem of those sequels? Did we leave out any? Got any fan theories on The Thing? Dangle forth within the comments beneath!

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