57 All-Time Best Chick Flicks Perfect for Girls’ Night

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57 All-Time Best Chick Flicks Perfect for Girls' Night

57 All-Time Best Chick Flicks Perfect for Girls’ Night

Get your tissues ready!

Watching a good movie with your besties is one of the best ways to spend a Friday or Saturday night. Don’t waste half the night scrolling through Netflix, debating which chick flick to watch. Whether you’re looking for something no one in your squad has seen before or an old favorite that you know every word to, here are the all-time best girls night movies.


Two best friends spend the night before graduation trying to make up for all the fun nights they didn’t have in high school before having to go their separate ways.

Ocean’s 8

Danny Ocean’s sister, Debbie, decides to pull off one final heist after being released from prison with the help of some friends and new acquaintances.

Bride Wars

Two BFFs have their friendship put to the test when only one date is available for the venue of their dreams and they both get engaged around the same time.


Based on a true story, a group of strippers come together to steal money from their clients.

Step Up

While they might not be together anymore, Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum have some major chemistry in this movie. Plus, that final dance sequence had us all wishing we could move like they can.


All our Disney dreams came to life with this film. It has everything: poison apples, talking animals, musical numbers, and a happily ever after.

Stuck in Love

Three generations of writers and they all have the same problem: they are horrible at love. They’re tested more than ever and have to find the words to say how they feel before time runs out.

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

This movie might take place across the pond, but the story still feels very relatable. Georgia just wants to throw the best birthday party ever and get a boyfriend. This film will keep you laughing out loud until the very end.

Moulin Rouge!

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.” This musical features some truly iconic songs and even mixes them together for some memorable mash-ups.

The Devil Wears Prada

Meryl Streep should’ve honestly taken home an Oscar for her performance in this movie. It’s such a guilty pleasure that you will never get over — it’s perfect for any kind of night.


One night, a scavenger hunt, and the ultimate prize: the best table in the cafeteria. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, then you’re missing out on 2000s awesomeness that I honestly wish was still around.

Mamma Mia!

Even 10 years and a sequel later, this movie still feels as fresh as the first and will leave you singing along to ABBA songs for days.

The Kissing Booth

You’re not supposed to fall for your best friend’s brother, but sometimes it just happens. At least for Elle, she has the school’s kissing booth to think about and it actually helps her in her quest for love.

Raise Your Voice

After the loss of her brother, Terri tries to find her voice again by going to a performing arts program for the summer where she meets new friends and remembers her love of music.

Miss Congeniality

She’s beauty, she’s grace, and she might become Miss United States. An FBI agent has to go undercover after its believed someone is trying to kill the winner of the Miss United States beauty pageant.


Can you hear the bells? That’s the sound of us going crazy over Zac Effron as Link Larkin. It won’t take long for you to dance and sing along to this movie. After all, you can’t stop the beat.

Stick It

This hidden gem shows us the real pain and level of crazy it takes to become a gymnast in the most hilarious way possible. Plus, the soundtrack features early 2000s rock greatness that will having you reaching for your old iPod to listen to these songs again.


All she wants to do is dance and help her community, but there are people who want to stop her from making her dreams a reality.

Mean Girls

Some of Rachel McAdams’ mean girl moments are completely out of control, but a lot of it feels surprisingly real. Plus, it’s the only movie that includes “mathletes”, puking on a crush, and a person getting hit by a bus (and still making it to prom!).

Twilight (marathon!)

You already know. But the Edward/Bella/Jacob love triangle is made for watching with your friends, tucked away in your room, where you can scream and coo and talk all you want.

The Fault in Our Stars

A terminal cancer patient named Hazel and a cancer survivor named Gus fall head over heels for each other after meeting at a support group and go on a beautiful adventure to Amsterdam to meet the author of Hazel’s favorite book.


Cher and her friends have ridiculous outfits, hilarious one-liners, and pretty-close-to-perfect lives — but they also happen to be really awesome friends.

Freaky Friday

There are a ton of great movie versions of this story, but the Lindsay Lohan version is the best. And Chad Michael Murray is at his very cutest in this movie.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

There is nothing more awesome than watching four best friends go on adventures, deal with major life stuff, and just generally be there for each other. Plus, everyone in the room can relate to at least one of the girls in the movie.

The Duff

Everyone can relate to feeling like you’re not as cool as your friends sometimes, but in The D.U.F.F., Bianca proves that you’re only as awesome as you believe you are. Which is really, really awesome. Obviously.

The Notebook

This might be one of the most romantic movies of all time. The love triangle. The old couple reminiscing. The passionate kiss in the rain. The beautiful clothes. The beautiful guys. *Sigh.*

Bring It On (marathon!)

Whether you’re obsessed with the original, the Hayden Panettiere version, or just the Rihanna cameo, it doesn’t matter. Put them all on, and try to learn the dance routines with your friends.

10 Things I Hate About You

It’s based on Shakespeare, but it’s sweet and funny and set in high school. Halfway through, Heath Ledger sings “You’re Just Too Good to Be True” with the marching band in front of the entire school. Amazing.

Raising Helen

Helen’s life completely turns upside down after the death of her sister leaves her as the guardian to her three kids.


Annie’s friendship with Lilian is put to the test when she agrees to be her maid of honor and she meets the rest of her bridesmaids.

Like a Boss

Two friends must come together to help save their cosmetics company after an investor’s plan to steal it from them is revealed.

John Tucker Must Die

A group of girls come together to try to new way to break John’s heart after finding out that he was dating all three of them at the same time.

What a Girl Wants

This one is all about a girl from a big city who just doesn’t know what she wants to do with the rest of her life. So she takes off across the pond to London in search of her father to figure it all out.

50 First Dates

Henry sees Lucy and falls in love with her right away. But he doesn’t know that she looses her memory of the day every night so every day is a new day to fall back in love.

How to Be Single

This rom com is about a girl who gets dumped by her long-time boyfriend and movies to NYC to live her best single life… at least she tries to. Luckily, she has some new friends and her older sister to help her figure it all out.

Eighth Grade

The last thing anyone would want to do is relive their eighth grade year, but this movie is so worth it thanks to Elsie Fisher’s performance.

Crazy Rich Asians

There’s a reason why Crazy Rich Asians was on the top of almost everyone’s list in 2018. It’s the ultimate romantic comedy that you’ll want to watch over and over again.

27 Dresses

You just need to be a bridesmaid one time to know the struggle, but Katherine Heigl did it 27 times so you wouldn’t have to.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Let’s be honest here, anyone can probably relate to Rebecca’s shopping addiction.

Made of Honor

Not only does this movie feature Dr. McDreamy, Patrick Dempsy, but it’s also super relatable for anyone who had a crush on their BFF.

Sierra Burgess is a Loser

You can never get enough Noah Centineo in your life. As Jamey, Noah is one again the charismatic boy we all fall in love with and Shannon Purser shines as Sierra in this adorable Netflix original.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Whether you’re Team Josh or Team Peter, you’ll definitely fall in love with this movie (as if you haven’t already).

Lady Bird

Saoirse Ronan helps bring to life everyone’s childhood in this film that will feel so real, you’ll leave thinking that it’s about you.

Whip It

Lace up your old Barbie roller skates and get ready for some incredible roller derby action. You might even join a roller derby team after you’re done with this movie.

Letters to Juliet

Imagine going to Italy and discovering an old love letter sent asking Juliet (yes, the one from Romeo & Juliet) for help. Sophie discovers the letter and tries to bring together a woman and her first love.

She’s the Man

This is the best Amanda Bynes movie ever. It’s funny and sweet, and never boring. Plus, Channing Tatum – enough said.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

This movie gives you SJP before she was on Sex and the City. It’s kinda like an ’80s movie version of Shake It Up.

Pitch Perfect

From Anna Kendrick’s famed cup song to Fat Amy’s endlessly non-stop jokes, this is one flick that we can’t get enough of.

A Walk to Remember

Popular jerk turned sensitive-sweet dude falls for the quiet, shy girl — aka every girl’s dream. Add in the fact that she’s terminally ill equals one heartbreaking story, but one that makes you totally believe that love is real.

13 Going on 30

Not only does Jenna get to live out her dream of being “30, flirty and thriving,” but she learns some super important life lessons along the way — like sometimes falling in love with your BGF is the best thing ever.

Paper Towns

Paper Towns is pretty much the anti-The Fault in Our Stars. High school senior Q has been hopelessly in love with his neighbor Margo since they were kids. When she disappears, Q sets out on an adventure of a lifetime to reunite with her.

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

Romy and Michele rock the most hilariously awesome DIY outfits, prove that besties can survive anything, and also show the popular girls that being you is way better than being ~cool~.

Dirty Dancing

From spending summer vacay at a lush resort to falling for your gorgeous dance instructor, we all wish we could be Baby for a summer.

Love & Basketball

Monica and Quincy start out as childhood enemies because they both want to be major league basketball players. Throughout the course of the movie, Monica shows Quincy girls can hold their own on the court – and steals his heart in the process.

Legally Blonde

Who doesn’t love a movie about an eternally underestimated girl smashing everyone’s expectations? In Elle Woods’ case, her lame ex-boyfriend didn’t think she was smart enough to be his girlfriend, so she went to Harvard Law to prove him wrong.

Easy A

This might be the most empowering chick flick ever, at least when it comes to turning everyone’s stupid obsession with virginity on its head and being straight up hilarious at the same time.

A Cinderella Story (marathon!)

A Cinderella Story is all about a teenage girl figuring out how to embrace who she really is, no matter what anyone thinks. more update here

57 Best Chick Flicks – Girls Night Chick Flick Movies to Watch

Don’t waste half the night scrolling through Netflix, debating which chick flick to watch. Here are the best chick flicks for the ultimate girls night in.

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