7 Easy Ways to Break In Your New High Heels for Prom

7 Easy Ways to Break In Your New High Heels for Prom

Killer heels do not have to literally kill you.

After you finally rating the proper Prom costume (sparkly with out being cheesy, distinctive however not weird, timeless but additionally stylish, and many others.), it is time for the second neatest thing: shopping for shoes to match. However the issue with shopping for new heels only for Prom is that, past that first strut round your bed room, you most likely will not put on them before the large evening. Even essentially the most comfortable heels do main injury after an evening of dancing. So before you hit the dance ground, you are going to have to know how to break in heels.

To prevent you from being the girl who dances at Prom barefoot, check out these life-saving DIYs that may make your heels waaaay extra comfortable.

1. Prevent slipping with sandpaper.

Your feet are going to have to do a lot more work if you happen to’re constantly slipping round as a result of your new shoes haven’t any traction but. Take some sandpaper and rub it towards the bottom of your heels until they’re noticeably rougher. This may create extra friction between your shoe and the ground, and Prevent you from taking an embarrassing tumble on the dance ground.

2. Stretch your High heels with ice.

Since water expands when it is frozen, you need to use ice to stretch your shoes. All it’s a have to to do is fill Ziplock bags with water, ensuring to take away all of the air from them before sealing. Place the bags in your shoes, then put them within the freezer.

Go away them in there for Four to eight hours. As soon as the water has frozen, take your shoes out of the freezer and allow them to sit at room temperature until the ice thaws to a degree the place you may slip the bags out of your shoes. Voila! Your shoes have to be good and stretched for extra comfy wearing.

3. Break in your shoes with a hair dryer.

You need to use heat to melt the material of your new shoes. Utilizing a blow dryer, blast your shoes with air (make certain to maneuver the blow dryer round to evenly distribute the air and keep away from melting the material). As soon as the material is warmed up and extra pliable, gently twist and bend the shoes within the heart to interrupt them in. Do not go overboard and bend them so far that they do not return to their pure form, or so hard that they break.

4. Stretch your heels with socks.

An even simpler hack to stretch your new shoes is to walk round in them whereas wearing thick socks.

5. Tape your feet.

There is a nerve between your third and fourth feet that causes pain when pressure is placed on it. To relieve a few of that stress in your poor little feet, tape your third and fourth feet collectively (your huge toe is #1) with some medical tape or a band aid. Clearly, this trick solely works with closed-toed shoes the place your third and fourth feet aren’t exposed.

6. Prevent blisters with a blister stick.

Rub a blister-prevention stick on the factors of your feet the place you often get blisters (the joints of your feet, the again of your heels, the highest of your foot the place the again fringe of the shoe can rub) and let it dry before slipping in your shoes. This may create an invisible barrier between your feet and your shoes and Prevent friction — AKA fewer blisters.

7. Prevent rubbing with moleskin.

To keep away from the uncomfortable feeling of your heels’ straps rubbing and digging into your skin (to not point out blisters!), minimize strips of moleskin padding to the dimensions of your straps and affix to the again of them. The moleskin will function a comfortable cushion between the straps and your skin.