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7 Great Movies To Watch For Anyone Who Loves The Netflix Comedy “We’re Metalmakers”

Written by DB Weiss, the writer and producer of the Game of Thrones series, and produced by Game of Thrones producer David Benioff, the Netflix movie “Metal Lords” tells the entertaining story of two young people interested in metal music.

Unable to find anyone else interested in metal music at school, these two young people, unable to find a bass player for their music group, have to cooperate with a girl who plays the cello and decide to participate in the music competition held at the school in this way…

Directed by Peter Sollett and starring Jaeden Martell, Isis Hainsworth, Joe Manganiello, Brett Gelman, Sufe Bradshaw, Katie O’Grady. Rage Against The Machine The guitarist and music producer of the band Tom Morello is also in the cast of the film as the executive music producer of the film.

The film depicts various aspects of the life high students live while presenting a competitive theme to further enrich the narrative. This inspiring blend of high school life and competitive spirit has been greatly appreciated by audiences, especially music lovers. If you enjoyed watching “Metalciyiz Biz”, you are likely to be interested in the films we have listed.

Here are 7 great movies that those who love “Metalciyiz Biz” should watch…

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