8 Gifts Your Workout-Obsessed Friends Need Now

8 Gifts Your Workout-Obsessed Friends Need Now
8 Gifts Your Workout-Obsessed Friends Need Now

Every year around this time, we’re reminded of how tricky coming up with gift ideas can be—especially when you’ve got lots of different personalities in your inner circle to shop for. Well, if you happen to have a fitness fanatic on your list, rest easy. We’ve rounded up exercise essentials that go the, ahem, extra mile to take workouts from grueling to…okay, still grueling, but a fun, endorphin-boosting kind of grueling. Whether you’re browsing for a dance cardio queen or a distance-training badass who gets their daily run in come rain or shine, these fitness-minded finds will help your BFFs work it out in style.

Perfect hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo

Give a game-changer to the friend who’s always in a rush after their workout—this bestselling dry shampoo will allow your busy bee bestie to skip or shorten their shower. It’s got absorbent powders that sop up oil and grime, plus fast-acting cleansers that then remove the powder, serving up fresh roots in a snap.

Back to Life Sport Bottle

Send relief in the form of ice-cold H2O to a friend who’s on the mid-workout struggle bus, courtesy of this leak-proof, fully insulated, and totally adorable water bottle. Drinks stay chilled for hours in this canister, and a neon yellow hue makes it easy to find, even if it’s been tossed into the depths of a gym bag.

Play Forward Phone Crossbody

Whether your pal is headed out for a bike ride or trekking to the grocery store (hey, every step counts), this handy cross-body pouch is ready for the trip. It’s big enough to fit their phone, keys, and a few other essentials, but not so massive that it will weigh them down while they’re on the move. Bonus: It’s also reflective and water-resistant, so neither darkness nor rain will keep your bestie from getting active.

The Reversible Mat

Know a fan of yoga, HIIT, Pilates, or all of the above? Here’s a yoga mat they’ll go wild for. Why? They can put this thing down, flip it, and reverse it: one side of the pad absorbs moisture to increase stability during sweaty workouts, while the other side offers cushiony support. It’s also treated with an antimicrobial agent that prevents mold and mildew from setting up camp on your mat.

Bala Bangles

If ankle weights sound hopelessly ’80s to you, think again: these stretchy bands (for ankles or wrists) are actually sleek AF. Clocking in at one pound each (and available in a range of cute shades), they’ll turn up the intensity of a pilates or barre workout enough to tone your target zones pronto, but not so much that they drag you down.

Align Pant II 25″

It’s official: the best yoga pants are the ones you can wear all day long. These breathable, ultra-soft leggings have a handy hidden pocket perfect for stashing earbuds or a driver’s license, and your bestie will be forever grateful for the built-in gift: the ability to go from a morning workout to an afternoon couch hang without so much as an outfit change.

Energy Bra Long Line

Show some support for your girl—and her girls—with this versatile bra, which comes in a range of cool hues and features an elongated silhouette that will pair perfectly with her trendy high-rise leggings. A stretchy, breathable material makes this fan fave comfier than the average sports bra, plus it wicks away moisture to keep dreaded cleavage sweat at bay.

LuxFit High Density Foam Roller

If your fitness buff friend isn’t already a foam roller convert, chances are they will be after trying out this baby. Tense muscles, sore hips, and stiff legs don’t stand a chance against this li’l cylinder (which, P.S., doubles as a free deep tissue massage). Hurts! So! Good!