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Alvaro Rico: Who is the actress who captivated the actor on and off the screen

Stars are frequently loved for a role in particular that significant their occupations, and this is specifically the instance with Elite, the prominent youth series on Netflix that generated an entire generation of new celebrities and who today are remembered for it. alvaro Rico (Polo) appears greater than happy to proceed adding successes as well as till there is one that specifies him, but for now his time at Elite noted a transforming factor in his life.

Puebla de Montalban (Toledo), invited alvaro Rico right into the globe, however this actor from La Mancha has actually found his second home in Madrid, yes, he does not hesitate to go back to town whenever his body asks him to. Despite the Elite boom, alvaro Rico has actually discovered to handle fame, in addition to the passion that his private life arouses, given that little is understood about his love considering that his relationship with actress Ester Exposito finished in 2019.

There were the rumours, even more and also much more persistent, after both corresponded in the shooting of the miniseries “Someone has to pass away”, created in Spain. After that came the flirtations via Instagram and also the images in which they were hunted for tourist in Mexico, till they lastly revealed their romance on the exact same system that saw their love born.


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Inside the connection in between Alvaro Rico and Ester Exposito

After spending quarantine separated by the Atlantic Ocean, the youths make their partnership official with an enchanting story released by Ester in which you can see just how alvaro Rico hugs her while both stare at the video camera. Apparently it was an evening day due to the light that brightens the post, yet sadly we do not know the rest of the details of the image, such as where it was taken.

This appeared like a most tender love, but in 2019 alvaro Rico would certainly announce that it had actually involved an end. “And I miss you,” wrote the lead character of “El club” to accompany his blog post, in which he showed up lying next to the actress. On top of that, alvaro Rico commented throughout an interview with the media ‘Hello! that “we are no longer together, however I like her significantly. I will certainly never lose her.” alvaro Rico and Ester Exposito met during the recordings of the series and also were a pair on and off the screen. Life takes many turns and their love could not be; yes, both picked to stay silent concerning the factors for their breakup.

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