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Angela Gisela Brown: The Afro-Latina who conquered Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein

Panamanian Angela Gisela Brown became the first person of African descent to marry a member of a ruling European family, Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein, in January 2020. The marriage was a pioneer in that monarchy and the union received negative comments from some members of the royal family, although most were happy for the couple and did not express any prejudice towards their new princess.

Ángela was born in Panama in the bosom of an ordinary family and later studied fashion at the Parsons Design School in New York. Angela excelled in her studies and won an award upon graduation. While running her own design company called A. Brown, Angela met her now-husband, Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein , who is the second son of the current Reigning Prince of Liechtenstein, Hans-Adam II .

Since Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein will not inherit the throne, the couple married and have lived a relatively normal life for royalty . Maximiliano studied business administration and is now the CEO of the LGT group, which is a private banking and asset management group. This venture that started in the 1920s has made Liechtenstein one of the richest monarchies in Europe despite being a small state.

The wedding of Angela and Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein was groundbreaking for European royalty

Angela and Maximilian currently have a son together, Prince Alfons, who was born in 2001. Prince Alfons is sixth in line to the throne of Liechtenstein. Other than her experience designing her and her marriage to Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein, little is known about Princess Angela, as the family wishes to stay away from media interest.

The couple of Princess Angela and Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein are a refreshing example of the new generation of European monarchies . As that continent becomes more globalized and modern, it is surpassing some customs of the old dynasties. Whereas in the past it was impossible for a prince to marry someone other than a princess from another European family, it is now becoming the norm for royalty to marry for love. From the marriage of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg to his Cuban bride Maria Teresa to the marriage of Prince Haakon of Norway to a single motherand former chambermaid Mette-Marit, after hundreds of years of outdated protocol, the royal houses of Europe are finally getting modern.


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