Behind Dagne Dover’s New ‘Almost Vintage’ Resale Service

Behind Dagne Dover’s New ‘Almost Vintage’ Resale Service

Lifestyle and travel handbag connoisseur Dagne Dover has launched a pre-loved offering with white-label peer-to-peer resale service Archive.

The program — called “Almost Vintage” — is the culmination of what Dagne Dover cofounders Deepa Gandhi and Jessy Dover envisioned when founding the brand. Calling Archive an “effortless, elevated,” service, Dover said she believes “brands and makers have a responsibility” to take ownership over the entire lifecycle of their products.

And certain brands agree — with many having entered or invested in the resale business over the past few years.

“‘Almost Vintage’ is reflective of what we wanted this to be. We knew that this buying and selling is happening a lot in our community,” said Nicole Weiss, vice president of marketing at Dagne Dover. “They’re selling anywhere and everywhere.”

Dagne Dover bags from across the brand’s history can be found for purchase on with nothing off-limits (save for incredibly worn or damaged items). Even Dagne Dover limited editions like the dusk shearling backpacks or fanny packs are available.

After answering a dynamic questionnaire, sellers can submit their Dagne Dover products for listing on-site. Once an item is sold, Dagne Dover automatically generates a prepaid USPS shipping label and sellers can opt for 70 percent of the sale price in cash or 100 percent in store credit.

Emily Gittins, Archive’s cofounder and chief executive officer, said the partnership was inevitable “knowing how loyal [Dagne Dover’s] customer is.”

With Archive, items are not merchandised, per se, but listed by “new in stock.” Gittins said “by our research, people prefer to rank by ‘just in’ and sort by the newest product,” noting that “avid fans can check to see what is listed each day.”