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Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Is Britni feeling confident?


We’re just two days away now from the latest Big Brother 23 eviction show — so how is Britini feeling about her chances right now? Does she think she can actually flip the vote?

Well, for the time being, she’s actually feeling hopeful; unfortunately for her, she just doesn’t realize how dominant the Cookout alliance really is. Tonight, she made it clear that she thinks she can get the majority of the house and honestly, we understand why she feels that way. She’s someone who has survived a number of times on the block already and unfortunately for her, she’s pretty trusting when people want to have conversations with her.

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The truth is that there are some people in the house who are contemplating keeping her around — Claire and Derek X. have both discussed the idea of getting rid of Derek F. instead, but we don’t think either of them will stick their neck far out there for her. They’ll be shut down and that will end a lot of it.

What we’re mostly curious about is whether or not we’ll see Britini learn the truth about her fate at any point between now and Thursday night. We think for someone like Azah in particular, it’s going to get progressively harder keeping this from her, especially when we get closer and closer to her demise. We imagine that Britini will keep campaigning — she just had a two-hour conversation with Kyland earlier today, which is mostly just funny in that he can’t even vote!

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Do you think there is any chance that Britini has at all moving forward on Big Brother 23?

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