Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Is Sarah Beth becoming a target?


Sarah Beth

The Power of Veto Ceremony hasn’t even happened yet in the Big Brother 23 house and evil still, people are looking ahead.

So what’s going on here? Is there a method to the very-clear madness that we are starting to see? As it turns out the answer is yes, and it’s not all that hard to figure out why people are thinking the way that they are.

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For this week, the target clearly remains Whitney and we don’t see that changing. The Cookout alliance is really in control of everything at this point and in between them plus Derek X. (who wouldn’t want to get rid of Hannah), they control what’s going to happen this time around. It doesn’t matter if Head of Household Christian changes his mind or not.

Where things get more complicated is moving into next week. There does seem to be a pretty clear feeling in the house that someone from the Kings needs to go — even if the team twist ends, it still feels imperative for a lot of people. An obvious target remains Christian, being that he and Alyssa are such a strong duo. Yet, Sarah Beth’s name is starting to float out there more and more. It feels like Tiffany and Claire both recognize that she’s somewhat of a threat; Tiffany may want to get rid of someone close to Kyland, that way she has Kyland more or less to herself.

Here’s the dilemma with not targeting Christian ASAP — you don’t want a situation similar to Holly/Jackson in Big Brother 21 where the two make it so far where they can almost trade out competition wins. Alyssa hasn’t shown herself to be a comp beast yet but clearly, Christian has.

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