Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: The Veto plan, further cemented


Kyland Young

Tomorrow the Veto Ceremony is going to happen within the Big Brother 23 house and now, we’re starting to get a clearer picture of where things stand moving forward.

Let’s start by thinking about this: Did Kyland totally screw this week up? He may have settled on the right target in the end in Britini, but his road to getting there was pretty complicated.

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Overnight, the plan was cemented further that Britini will be named the replacement nominee — even Azah was clued in on it and for now, she seems to be holding up okay. Why didn’t Kyland just nominate her from the start over Claire? Maybe he regains some goodwill with Claire by saving her, but we don’t think she will fully trust him again. (Remember that Alyssa won the Veto, but Kyland won a second Veto by betting on her in advance — a consequence of the new twist coming into the house today.)

Britini is probably a bigger threat right now than Claire just because she’s tight with Azah and Derek F. — they may want to take her further in the game than certain people within the Cookout! Claire is probably a better player, but Kyland seems to have realized that actually taking her out this week could create distrust between him and Derek X. to some extent. He needs Derek X. on his side as long as possible, mostly because he’s one of the big targets that can shield him to some extent.

What’s so interesting about where things are right now is that the Cookout is setting really pretty in the game! Most of the debates are just over who to take out from the outsiders and when.

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Do you think that Britini is the right Big Brother 23 target at the moment?

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