Billie Eilish Has Ticked One Big Thing Off Bucket List Made Before Fame

Billie Eilish Has Ticked One Big Thing Off Bucket List Made Before Fame

At just 19 years of age, Billie Eilish really is a high achieving teen.

As well as winning a shedload of awards – including seven Grammys – she’s headlined huge festivals and co-written and performed a James Bond song.

And she’s also made a good start on her bucket list.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Eilish shared the list of ambitions she wrote up as a 12-year-old, and top of the list was meet Justin Bieber.

She’s made a great start on her bucket list. Credit: Instagram

Eilish was a huge fan of the singer growing up and she has absolutely smashed her dream of meeting him out of the park, with the Canadian even featuring on a remix of her song ‘Bad Guy’.

She used to send him DMs on Twitter and her obsession was such that her mum even said she was considering taking her to therapy about it.

But eventually she of course became a huge star, and Bieber replied to her DMs.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight in 2019, Eilish said: “The first thing he sent was a screenshot of a DM I sent him in 2014. You know how when you follow somebody, you can see everything they DM’d you in the past?

“It, like, it felt good and it felt bad at the same time.”

She’s also checked off several other ambitions on her bucket list, such as ziplining above a city, getting her hair done, working with animals, going to Paris and going on a big shopping spree.

However, she told Kimmel that she hadn’t yet been kicked out of a Target, grown her hair past her butt, punched someone, gotten a mouse, ridden a dolphin or cut someone’s hair.

Pretty sure 12-year-old Eilish would be surprised to hear that she had successfully met Justin Bieber but hadn’t quite managed to cut someone’s hair.

Kimmel helped her to address this though, with a brave studio guest volunteering to help Eilish cut this relatively achievable objective from her list.

Eilish cutting hair with all the confidence of somebody who has never done it before. Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live

They also brought her a mouse (which she duly named Marcus), Kimmel took a punch to the stomach and some faux Target security guards escorted her away.

The beyond-butt-hair and dolphin riding will have to wait though.