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Breaking Down the “Ginny & Georgia” Season 1 Finale

Breaking Down the "Ginny & Georgia" Season 1 Finale
Breaking Down the “Ginny & Georgia” Season 1 Finale

Ginny & Georgia is likely Netflix’s most surprising show to date. If you signed up for a seemingly sweet mother-daughter, prepare yourself for something even bigger than what you initially imagined. In the brand new series, Ginny and Georgia’s relationship quickly takes a turn as secrets are slowly revealed and their new life ends up not being anything then they originally believed. Everything officially comes to a head during the show’s explosive finale that will definitely leave you hoping for a second season as you watch these characters go through the wringer. So what happened during the finale? And how will this affect a possible season two?

Here is the ultimate breakdown of the Ginny & Georgia season 1 finale.

The real question is: what didn’t happen in the finale? In an effort to better their image, the brand new family featuring Paul, Georgia, and the kids do a photoshoot and interview so show off their brand new family. Things are especially heated since the election is only days away.

Back at school, Ginny notices that the rest of MANG is ignoring her, while Austin continues to skip classes. During AP English, Mr. Gitten talks a bit about the N-world and points out Ginny during the conversation. Seeing Bracia in the bathroom, they have a conversation about being Black in a very white town like Wellsbury. Ginny suggests getting revenge, while Bracia shuts down the idea.

Cynthia stops by the Mayor’s office to accuse Georgia of stealing city funds after seeing her at the bank earlier. However an internal investigation shows that there isn’t any money missing, although Nick later points out to Georgia that several checks weren’t officially registered, but the money was eventually returned.

At the coffee shop, Ginny admits to Joe that she wants to be with Marcus, but is afraid of losing MANG. He notices her sunglasses that she stole from Georgia, who tells him the story of how she got them. Realizing that the girl he met years ago was Georgia, he sets out to tell her the truth about his feelings. However, when Georgia appears, he realizes that she’s engaged and that it’s too late.

Ginny shows up with flowers for Max at the premiere of Sing Sing! However, during the opening number, Ginny and Max get into a fight in the wings. After the end of her song, Max and Ginny take the fight outside into the hallway where MANG appears. Everyone explodes on Ginny for sleeping with Marcus and cheating on Hunter. Hunter overhears and breaks up with Ginny, while Ginny also admits that Abby knew about it, causing MANG to shun her out. When Marcus appears, he says that sleeping with her was a mistake and they all leave.

Back at home, Max and Marcus get into a fight where the each say some very harsh things to each other. The next day at school, Abby is now sitting alone and Ginny decides to sit with Bracia and her friends. In order to get revenge, Ginny decides to have Mr. Gitten to sign a letter of recommendation for her or else she would tell the school board that he is racist, which would taint his career.

While dropping off Austin, Georgia discovers that Austin has been skipping school. She also bumps into Cynthia and hints at her accusation about the checks with the other mom’s siding with Georgia.

During her next shift at the cafe, Cordova reveals himself to Ginny and asks her to help him find some evidence against Georgia, pointing out the poisonous plant that she has. Ginny lies to Cordova saying she doesn’t know anything that would make out Georgia to be dangerous and leaves.

Ginny decides to leave for good and Austin agrees to go with her. On her way out, she bumps into Marcus who apologizes for saying that them getting together was a mistake. She brushes him aside and tells him that they’re fine.

At the election rally, Paul ends up winning the re-election campaign and Cordova talks to Georgia, noting that he knows she had something to do with Kenny’s now-missing body. Georgia lies and says that she doesn’t know anything about it, but hints at him that Kenny’s ashes are in the fireworks that are exploding overhead. Cordova receives a phone call with new information that Georgia was previously married to a man who went missing weeks after their wedding.

While Georgia celebrates Paul’s big win, Ginny starts to make her grand exit. She burns Georgia’s plant and remaining old photos, steals Marcus’ motorcycle and rides with Austin away from Wellsbury and into the unknown.

What does the finale mean for season two of Ginny & Georgia?

Not much about the future of Ginny & Georgia has been revealed, but if the show does come back for a second season, we can likely expect Georgia heading out to find out where Ginny and Austin went.

Meanwhile, Marcus will definitely be wondering if he had anything to do with Ginny leaving. MANG will also have to pick up the pieces after their big fight, while Marcus comes to terms with what happened between Ginny and Marcus. Also, with the new info that Cordova received, it’s clear he’s not done going after Georgia just yet.


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