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Chandler Riggs: This is what the actor who played Carl Grimes in The Walking Dead looks like now

When parents William and Gina Ann Riggs named baby Chandler in 1999, they gave him his mother’s maiden name, Carlton, as a middle name. So Chandler Riggs shares his name with the character who has given him recognition thanks to The Walking Dead. As most child stars can attest, it can be hard to balance an acting career with going to school; there are too many scheduling conflicts. As a result, most young actors find themselves studying and taking classes on set, with the help of a tutor or distance-learning courses, once their scenes are done for the day.

When he started out in show business, Chandler Riggs was home-schooled so he could fit his learning into his budding acting career. However, as of February 2013, Riggs returned to regular public school, completing his freshman year of high school at Etowah High School in Woodstock, Georgia. And if you think that his role on a hit TV show means that all the other teenagers love the ground he walks on, you’d be wrong, as he told WGN-TV in an interview, “My friends, they’re there to treat me like dirt for keep sensible.” Sounds like teenagers.

Chandler Riggs ‘ parents have every reason to be proud of him, so it’s no wonder they took out a full-page ad in their high school yearbook touting their famous son’s accomplishments. However, Chandler was probably the only boy in his class whose senior ad featured celebrity magazine photos. Now 23, the actor is followed by nearly 3.5 million people on his Instagram account where they can take a close look at how he’s changed since The Walking Dead.

Chandler Riggs has grown since his performance on The Walking Dead, he is now 23 years old

One of Chandler Riggs ‘ most famous TWD scenes occurred in the season 4 episode “After” when his character drank a huge can of chocolate pudding. In an interview with Forbes, the actor said he didn’t expect the scene, in which he gobbled down 112 ounces of pudding, to be “so defining” for his character. “People still bring me pudding at conventions,” Riggs revealed. “Those little Snack Pack things. And big metal cans.

Chandler Riggs also has a heart of gold and has gone on mission trips with his church group where he helps build shelters, including roof replacements. So if you’ve ever wondered if Riggs could actually build you a house to keep you safe from zombies in the event of a zombie apocalypse, well, he could build a solid structure pretty easily.


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