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Charlize Theron responds to those who accuse her of being in a toxic relationship

As well as it’s exhausting. I never really feel like, ‘Oh, I can just enjoy this,'” he confessed.

Charlize Theron just recently gave a comprehensive meeting to The Hollywood Reporter site, where she exposed that she likes to do points by herself because “it’s my life and I wish to be a part of it.” She adds that she does not want to sound like she’s putting on any kind of messages on her sleeve, however, “I believe ladies fret [that] if we do not work more challenging and also keep pressing ourselves, we’ll never ever quite arrive. And also it’s exhausting. I never ever seem like, ‘Oh, I can just enjoy this,'” he admitted.

Charlize Theron didn’t particularly speak about the “tragedy” in her life throughout her meeting, yet in the past she has actually discussed the evening in the summer season of 1991, when her mom Gerda killed her father Charles in protection. Charlize was just 15 years old at the time. In an interview, she discussed that her dad, Charles, entered her residence with a gun while he was intoxicated and also shot through the door 3 times, into a room where she as well as her mom had secured themselves. themselves for defense.

Charlize Theron is very close to her mom, and they chat every day

On the occasion Charlize Theron mentioned: “I believe, for me, it’s always been that this tale has to do with growing up with addicts as well as what that does to an individual.” Today, Theron is more or less over the tragedy. Going with something so traumatic at such a young age, of training course, brought her closer to her mother, so she claimed that she “loves dating” her, to the point where people state they are in an “unhealthy relationship “.

To which she responds, “I’m like, ‘if you can be as amusing as her, then I’ll go out with you,'” Charlize Theron shared. She went on to state that she “surely discovered” to “delight in life” specifically from her mom. “If I showed you her message this morning, it would certainly be sunup on a stroll, what she calls her Prozac, which’s every morning. Prior to I even get up, she’s currently like, ‘It’s a beautiful fucking day as well as the sunlight is out and we’re grateful,'” Theron claimed, adding, “She’s likewise a female and also she swears a great deal greater than I do.”

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