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Christian Serratos: This is what the actress who played Rosita on The Walking Dead looks like today

Christian Serratos has already lived a very full and successful life, and he is only 32 years old. He celebrated his 30th birthday on September 21, 2020 (he was born in 1990) and has already played roles that have earned him good press and a huge fan base that is watching his every step.

His mother is Mexican and his father Italian, and those two nationalities clearly go quite well together, Christian Serratos is proof of that. His mother is a public relations and marketing agent and jewelry designer. His father worked in the construction industry building sets for movies and television shows. It’s a good line of work and very exciting to work on things like that.

Currently we can see a more mature woman than the one we saw in The Walking Dead, always keeping in mind her naturalness and beauty, Christian Serratos has always exercised, she is not only a wonderful actress, but she is also an accomplished athlete. She started skating when she was just 3 years old, and she did it competitively. This happened most of her childhood and she said that her coaches wanted her to go to the Olympics. She didn’t, but she had a great time and she clearly was very good at the sport. Apparently that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, so her parents signed her to Ford Models when she was seven. She’s ambitious, but she’s off to a great start to her runway career.

At 32, Christian Serratos is a naturally talented woman with an excellent career

Christian Serratos continues to act and combines his work with his duties as a mother, he has a daughter who was born in 2017. He made the announcement in March of that year and shared a photo of the new baby in May of the same year. The father of his beautiful daughter is David Boyd.

This actress, model and mother is also an activist. Christian Serratos loves animals so much that he seeks to save as many of them as possible. He has worked with PETA to help ensure that people understand the importance of a vegan lifestyle and keep meat off the table.

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