Christian Wijnants Resort 2022


Christian Wijnants worked a purified lineup of wardrobe staples in stark colors and shiny, luxury fabrics for his resort collection.

He layered his long silhouettes with elegant coats and suit jackets that were stripped of collars and buttons, and tossed button-up shirts over simple T-shirts. Bright green, white and electric blue were dominant hues.

“With quite a relaxed attitude, it’s a collection meant to be worn, it’s really fun to have products from different categories from high end to entry pricing,” the designer said over Zoom.

The photos were set in an unfinished building offering a bird’s-eye view over Antwerp. Models wore hard hats and carried crocheted bags made of climbing rope, posing with workmen in neon safety vests, adding to the color. You don’t know if the model is the architect or an owner of a new apartment in the building, remarked Wijnants.

He offered only a few patterns, including a stylized polka-dot motif that looked almost like an animal print, and a heavy cotton knits sweater with subtle graphic motifs. Adding texture, there was also a dress in a feathery fabric, all-black and sleeveless, while a silk shirtdress could be worn like a trenchcoat, fitting the current movement toward hybrid clothing that has run through a number of collections recently.

“After so many months of grayness and cold you just feel like springtime could arrive at any moment,” the designer said.