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Clive Standen: This is how the famous actor lives his romantic love story away from Vikings

Vikings star Clive Standen is just one of the most romantic people you will ever see. In reality, the performer of the complex Rollo in the famous History Channel series and also his better half have an extremely exclusive connection, with little information regarding them offered to the public. What little is understood is that the couple makes it an indicate have supper together whenever Standen has some downtime from his hectic schedule.

Clive Standen began a connection with Francesca de Takats in their early 20s, yet it was just after they had become moms and dads that Clive lastly mustered the nerve to recommend to Francesca, that is evidently a few years older without it being clear the number of they are. The Vikings actor describes her wife as the lady of her dreams, and he headed out of his method to obtain her. When they had actually been a pair for several years, the British actor developed a really special concept to propose to her.

Clive Standen spray-painted Francesca’s street with “I love you, Francesca”, composed love notes on posters and dressed as Elvis Presley (his then-girlfriend’s favorite vocalist). The actor even sang one of Elvis’s classics, “Fools Rush In,” and proposed. This could come as a huge shock, but Francesca is additionally a good singer.

Clive Standen and also Francesca de Takats have been with each other given that they were really young

Francesca and also Clive Standen got married in 2007 and also have never recalled because. With more than 20 years together, their love remains to expand and also their connection grows stronger. If she ever before requires an instance for a power couple, she won’t have to look any kind of further as this is the epitome of a relationship. They currently have 3 children and also he takes pleasure in spending as much time as feasible with his youngsters.

Clive Standen explains: “I’ve been the dad of three children since I was 22 as well as I’m a married man.” Despite the fact that he was still really hectic dealing with Vikings, he always came home at 8pm to spend time with his partner and youngsters. The actor claimed he takes pleasure in joining activities with his family members, from playing Pokémon cards with his youngest boy, Rafferty, to sharing his interest in scientific research with his little girl Edie, to hanging out with his oldest kid Hayden discussing national politics, life as well as individual rate of interests.

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