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Confirmed suspicions about the problems that caused a break between Meghan and Kate

The relationship between sisters-in-law  Meghan Markle  and  Kate Middleton  got off to a terrible start almost from the moment they met due to a bitter dispute over fashion, according to reports. One commentator has claimed that they were both very frustrated since  the Duchess of Sussex had to wait longer than the Princess of Wales for new outfits from her favorite designer to complement her Hers wardrobe .

While Meghan  Markle  adored the clothes by British designer Erdem Moralıoğlu , it has been claimed that her soon-to-be sister-in-law Kate Middleton, who was an existing customer, was the first to receive sketches for the new designs. In this regard, the commentator specialized in the life of British royalty, Camilla Tominey, revealed that this fact did not sit well with Meghan Markle, who apparently did not hesitate to protest to the point of arguing that such a preference had no reason to exist. since Kate ” wasn’t even queen yet” .

According to Tominey, Meghan Markle was so upset that she even went so far as to say: “From what I understand, you can never wear the same color as Her Majesty if there is a group event. But you shouldn’t wear the same color as Her Majesty either. one of the other oldest members of the family”, referring to the models selected by Kate Middleton.

In his book, Prince Harry accused Kate of stereotyping Meghan

But that was not all, the royal commentator writing for the Telegraph also brought to light another very significant fact that reflected the level of discomfort between the wives of princes William and Harry, and refers to the fact that Meghan Markle insisted on calling the Princess of Wales “Kate “, despite the fact that she was aware of the officially established custom of the rest of the British royal family referring to the future queen as “Catherine”, which undoubtedly marked a certain distance between the two.

The truth is that today Prince Harry also added his grain of sand in the conflict and has revealed his tense relationship with some members of his family through television interviews and his book, Spare. He accused Kate Middleton of “stereotyping” Meghan Markle, a comment Majesty Magazine editor-in-chief and royal biographer Ingrid Seward believed would leave Kate “upset and angry.”
However, even before the fashion dispute began to threaten their relationship, some of Meghan and Kate’s first meetings showed signs of tension to come. It even started from their first in-person interaction, with Meghan saying in the Netflix documentaryof the couple who were “barefoot” and wearing ripped jeans when he met Kate, and made her uncomfortable by hugging her.


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