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Confirmed: The only reason Kate Winslet worked with this director again

“You couldn’t compare the two. The two movies are very different,” Kate Winslet told reporters when asked about working with Cameron again . “Literally the only common thread is that there is water in both, but water that is there for different reasons behaves in totally different ways. These experiences were very different.”

For Kate Winslet , Titanic feels like half a lifetime has passed. That’s because it was. “I turned 21 on that shoot. I’m 47 now. It was a long, long, long time ago,” she said. “Jim, as a director, as a person, you know, we’re both different , older, hopefully we’ve learned a lot more in terms of how to tell stories and be creative contributors and collaborators.”

While promoting her previous Oscar-winning epic long ago, Kate Winslet told reporters that Cameron “has a temper you wouldn’t believe” and that “there were times when I was really scared of him.” He spoke of 90-hour work weeks and contracting hypothermia after long periods of filming in freezing water. But despite their statements 25 years ago, James Cameron, now 68, and Kate have been trying to get back together over the years.

No project came closer to happening than the second installment of Avatar, the first of four planned sequels on the schedule. “I feel like he was always asking me. ‘Are you busy right now?’ or ‘What’s going on? Maybe I have something,'” Kate Winslet recalls. “Then I didn’t know anything for a while, and I think she strayed from that idea. Then she would come back with another. And then in 2014, she said to me, ‘I’m going to make you big and blue.'” Now with this new collaboration, Winslet praises Cameron’s mastery of the Avatar mythology. “He knows every inch,” she said.

For his part, James Cameron has previously stated that he agrees that Kate Winslet experienced a fair amount of angst on Titanic: “I think Kate came out of Titanic a bit traumatized by the scale of the production and her responsibility within it.” said. “We’ve both been looking forward to working together again, to see what each other is all about at this point in our lives and careers.”

Kate Winslet remembers reading the script for the first time and noticing how much secrecy surrounded its content. “I was definitely given the bare minimum, initially. Lots of character descriptions, a general sense of [Ronal] and the role she played within her community. But it wasn’t until I read the script and figured out, obviously, all the other elements that had incorporated,” he said. “It’s a phenomenal experience reading a Jim Cameron script because it’s so complete. The guy is such a perfectionist.”


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