Dave Chappelle Gets Nominated For A Grammy Award For Best Spoken Album

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Dave Chappelle has been nominated for a Grammy Award despite his recent controversy.

The comedian has been recognised in the Spoken Word Album category for his project 8:46 with Amir Sulaiman about George Floyd and what happened to America after he died.

Chappelle, who is a three-time Grammy winner, will be up against some stiff competition.

He’ll be battling it out against former US President Barack Obama, who was nominated for his A Promised Land audiobook, LeVar Burton for his Aftermath audiobook, Don Cheadle for Carry On: Reflections for a New Generation From John Lewis, and J. Ivy for Catching Dreams: Live at Fort Knox Chicago.

Social media was alive with commentary for Chappelle’s inclusion in the 2022 Grammy Award nominations.

He’s faced particular criticism this year after his Netflix standup special, Closer, had some choice comments about trans and gay people.

“They cancelled J.K. Rowling, my God. Effectively, she said gender was a fact, the trans community got mad as s**t, they started calling her a TERF,” he said in the show.

“I’m Team TERF. I agree. I agree, man.

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“Gender is a fact. Every human being in this room, every human being on earth, had to pass through the legs of a woman to be on earth. That is a fact.

“Now, I am not saying that to say trans women aren’t women, I am just saying that those p*****s that they got … you know what I mean? I’m not saying it’s not pussy, but it’s beyond p***y or impossible p***y. It tastes like p***y, but that’s not quite what it is, is it? That’s not blood. That’s beet juice.”

He went on to say that ‘people who watch my specials would know that I never had a problem with transgender people’.

Chappelle also pointed out how there was no outrage over rapper DaBaby shooting someone years ago but tons of hate when he made disparaging comments about HIV and gay people.

While he faced calls to be ‘cancelled’ in Tinseltown because of the jokes, his supporters say the Grammy nomination proves not only is the comedian surviving, but he’s also thriving.


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