Eudon Choi Resort 2022

Eudon Choi came across Cuban artist Ana Mendieta when he was doing research for his new collection. Perhaps because he just booked a holiday in Latin America, Mendieta’s “Silueta Series,” which involved imprinting her body with leaves, twigs or blood, represented a sense of escapism to him.

For resort 2022, hoping that we all can travel again, the designer wanted to bring joy, and make something chic and relaxing that people can wear when they go to exotic places and fully embrace the wonders of nature. It’s about time to swap a mask for one of Choi’s elevated buckle hats.

There were still some sharp tailoring pieces, smartly fitted trenchcoats, knitted fringed tops and sandy loose trousers for urban life, but most of the pieces were for tropical nightlife and sunny beaches — sexy tops and dresses in vibrant colors, maxidresses with hibiscus leaf prints, or tops and bags made with hexagonal guipure lace.

Choi said with this collection, which is already celebrating nature, the brand aims to minimize its environmental impact by using ethically sourced and organic materials while keeping the usage of synthetic fibers low.

“We will continue to search for sustainable fabric each season. As a small brand, it is a difficult task to find suitable mills with flexibility. But I think nowadays it is a prerequisite for any fashion business,” he added.