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Evan Rachel Wood faces the consequences of having made public the abuse he suffered

Evan Rachel Wood, recognized for having a long imaginative job with interesting personalities, one of the most recent being Dolores in the HBO series Westwold, has actually had a very difficult love life, with two essential chapters that have actually marked her. One of those was with the vocalist Marilyn Manson, whom he implicated of mental, physical and also sexual abuse while they were together, from 2006 to 2010. The second phase that additionally left a mark, his boy Jack, was with the British actor Jamie Bell with whom she was married for two years.

Evan Rachel Wood has actually proclaimed that her son was precisely the reason she has actually mentioned her experience with residential abuse. Speaking on The Drew Barrymore Show, he said: “If I run away from this now, what do I tell my boy? You understand, be that individual. If you have the privilege as well as the platform to aid other individuals, dear God, utilize it”.

When Evan Rachel Wood finally located the toughness to share her story about what she experienced as Marilyn Manson’s companion indicating against him, she claimed the vocalist intimidated to strike her kid. According to the Daily Mail, her kid was only eight years of ages when the musician threatened to sexually attack the kid. She alleged in her documentary “Phoenix Rising,” where she states her experience, that he had a background of threatening Wood that he would damage everyone in her family, starting with her father.

This has landed Evan Rachel Wood and also her ex-husband Jamie Bell in a nasty protection battle over their boy, Jack. Wood said investigators told her that her safety and security and also that of her household were at risk.

In December 2020, Wood informed her ex Bell about the criminal examination she was associated with. “At one point I concealed our location from Jamie,” she said, prompting her child’s daddy to file a situation in California to combat for custodianship. Bell filed a plea in case dated March 2021, mentioning: “Evan remains to reject me our kid Jack out of state. (…) Evan abruptly and also unilaterally made a decision to hold back Jack from me in mid-December 2020.

She claimed that she supports Evan and also any kind of sufferer of abuse, but: “Whatever fears Evan might have relating to 3rd parties, they must have absolutely nothing to do with me or protection of our kid. Bell explained an occurrence on FaceTime where Jack told him that he attracted an image of a male who had been hurting him.

Bell called himself a “committed papa” who wanted to see his son. He stated: “I frantically require the assistance of this Court to obtain Jack residence. I’m not attempting to get Jack away from Evan.

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