Fan Theory Argues Why Dolores Umbridge Is More Evil Than Lord Voldemort

Fan Theory Argues Why Dolores Umbridge Is More Evil Than Lord Voldemort

Fans of Harry Potter have been debating which character in the Hogwart universe is more evil.

While many would obviously choose Lord Voldemort because he’s the main antagonist throughout the eight books, some have argued Dolores Umbridge tops him.

It’s hard to imagine someone beating Harry’s arch nemesis on evilness, especially considering he was the one who nearly destroyed the witch and wizard high school and caused an untold number of deaths while leading an army called the Death Eaters.

However, this one fan theory make a pretty good case for the former Hogwarts headmistress being worse than that.

Posting on the Ministry of Magic Facebook page, an image shows Dolores Umbridge sentencing people to Azkaban Prison.

Within the picture, one fan wrote: “J.K. Rowling has said that Snape is the only Death Eater capable of producing a patronus charm.

“From the books we learn that this is due to his memories of Lily. It is presumable that the other Death Eaters, Voldemort included, are incapable of remembering a moment of unbridled joy (even if they had such moments in their pasts).

“Their anger, bitterness, and possibly guilt and self-loathing, tainted any happy memories they might have drawn on.

“In this scene from Deathly Hallows Part 1, Dolores Umbridge has clearly cast a cat-form patronus.

“Think about that for a moment.

“While brutally sentencing innocents to a lifetime of torture in Azkaban Prison; while wearing the horcrux locket, which twists the mind and fill it with the darkest thoughts; when consumed, influenced, and surrounded by evil, Umbridge was able to produce a patronus charm.

Credit: Warner Bros.

“She isn’t evil because she is angry or bitter, she is evil because being evil, thinking terrible thoughts, and committing atrocious acts brings a warm fuzzy glow to her heart. Evil is what makes her happy.”

It’s certainly an interesting theory and it’s sparked a lot of debate in the comments section.

Some have agreed with the idea while others have cast doubt on whether her being a stickler for the rules is really evil and, furthermore, not only comparable, but worse than the atrocities committed by Lord Voldemort.

There were some users who believed she represented a greater evil than Voldemort because she is more human than him and therefore her acts carry a greater weight.

This debate will likely rage on for years to come and everyone will have a different opinion on who the worst character is. Thankfully, because the topic is subjective, no one is technically wrong.