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Fans are debating about what MCU Elon Musk is up to now

Historical previous could dangle already forgotten this, but diligent MCU followers don’t seem to would prefer to let lope of the sequence in Iron Man 2 that featured billionaire Elon Musk having fun with himself in a transient cameo.

At some stage within the film, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) bumps into Musk, whom many on the uncover teach to be the particular-lifestyles alter ego of Iron Man. Tony asks how Musk is doing, complimenting him on the SpaceX engines by asserting that they’re amazing. Elon, meanwhile, makes use of the opportunity to pitch an “electric jet” to Tony, and he replies, “We’ll make it work.”

The complete sequence is a tongue-in-cheek play on the comparisons that folk most often design between the fictional character and the Tesla CEO, but cameo or no longer, it also confirms that Elon Musk is canon within the MCU timeline. That, clearly, begs the request: What is he thus some distance?

I mean, to be gorgeous, Elon has already skipped several world-threatening occasions. He could even dangle been “blipped” away by Thanos, highest to be resurrected in 2023. A brand new thread on Reddit is really making an try to speculate about what the genius engineer has been up to, and there is a slew of amusing feedback to be chanced on in between different replies.

One person neatly-known that since he got here into contact with Tony, he could merely quiet be a supervillain now, a natty reference to Ultron and Mysterio.

One other person pointed out that because Elon is so hell-bent on sending of us to Mars and launching Starlink satellites, he could merely quiet be a Skrull in hide.

Plenty of others are also agreeing with the idea that in an global the put Tony Stark really exists, Elon could merely quiet be really struggling to grab up with his evolved tech.

Otherwise you know, if Captain Marvel is indeed an authority in condominium, now will be the highest opportunity to request Elon correct why on earth he sent a Tesla floating via that unending abyss.

At this point, it feels love Marvel Studios is fully embracing a lope gigantic or lope residence policy about the MCU, so the return of Elon Musk for further cameos down the line isn’t fully some distance-fetched.

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