Hollywood legend Gene Hackman is trending on social media today and, thankfully, it’s for the best reasons. On Monday, writer and film historian James L. Neibaur took to Twitter to share a photo of Hackman and explain its origin. “Gene Hackman retired from acting 17 years ago, but had this recent pic taken to show he is alive and well at 91, and living in New Mexico,” Neibaur wrote. “He goes bike riding every day and remains active and engaged with hobbies, and friends.”

Neibaur later clarified that he was “informed” the photo was not as recent as he’d initially been led to believe but was still only a couple of years old. He reiterated that “Hackman is alive and well,” and noted that his original post revealed that the iconic star “has so many supportive fans.” Neibaur is absolutely correct about that, as his post sparked a massive outpouring of love from Twitter users who are fans of Hackman’s work. Scroll down to see the photo and read what fans are tweeting!

I was informed that this pic is 2 years old, when he was a young, strapping 89 — 😁– and I can’t edit the post, so I am adding this tweet to clarify. Still great that Mr. Hackman is alive and well, and has so many supportive fans.

— James L Neibaur (@JimLNeibaur) August 2, 2021

“Complete legend of an actor. Retired from the limelight and went off to enjoy his life, fair play to him,” one fan tweeted. “Some other actors keep going and taint their legacy. Personal favorites are Mississippi Burning and The Conversation.”


My favorite actor, and undoubtedly, my favorite bad guy, especially Lex Luthor, who aimed a nuclear weapon at Hackensack, New Jersey, where his girlfriend’s mother lives.

Eve: “my mother lives in Hackensack”

Lex: “your mother *used* to live in Hackensack. 🤣 pic.twitter.com/ObiZ9nQpzj

— david (@sanbrunamo) August 2, 2021

“There isn’t a movie that Hackman could make that I wouldn’t go to see,” someone else commented. “A tremendous presence with oceans of talent. Thank you for the many moments of pleasure watching a man at the top of his craft.”


Great to hear he’s well! His acting pal Gary Sinise posted this a few years ago from 2000 while in Chicago https://t.co/27VXNAwtZw

— Fynmere (Peter) (@fynmere) August 3, 2021

“Just watched my Gene Hackman favorite, Hoosiers, with my 11 year old, basketball-fanatic niece,” another fan shared. “She teared up in all the right places and finally said ‘he’s such a great coach.’ I was proud to share it with her.”


Once I tried to name one bad Gene Hackman movie. Couldn’t do it! Amazing actor!

— Tyler Fenwick ⚔️🇺🇸 (@UVACoachFenwick) August 2, 2021

“Believable in every role,” somebody else tweeted. “The measure of the man is the brilliance of his acting in The Conversation and The French Connection – poles apart and yet both Harry Caul and ‘Popeye’ Doyle are completely and utterly convincing. Magnificent in every way. Superb as Royal Tenenbaum!


hackman is always so good when playing a bad man 。

gene hackman and will patton

No Way Out (11/12) Movie CLIP – Men of Power (1987) HD https://t.co/3aHFpVOffF via @YouTube

— freshwaterseahorse (@freshwaterseah1) August 3, 2021

“All his performances, whether playing the good or bad guy, or indifferent guy were always so enjoyable to watch,” a fan wrote. “Personal favorite was Royal Tenenbaums.”


If you haven’t seen Bite The Bullet, stop what your doing and find a way to get it. Great underrated movie that Hackman is terrific in. Also a great supporting cast with James Coburn, Ian Bannen, Candice Bergen and Ben Johnson. And there are some incredible horse race scenes! pic.twitter.com/3RT2pY1AOb

— Jimmy’s Avatar (@JamesMuciarelli) August 3, 2021

“An underrated actor who doesn’t get the same kind of love that leading men get because he was typecast as a villain where he shined,” one user tweeted. “The audience believed Gene would blow your a— away, literally and figuratively.”



I met Gene with his buddy Paul Newman at the racetrack a loooonnng time ago. He signed a B&W photo of himself, Lex Luther.

You are a Superman, Mr. H. Thanks for being a cool guy! pic.twitter.com/Q5Z6kYbzaJ

— The sky is NOT the limit (@MHolidayBooks) August 3, 2021

“Good to hear!” exclaimed one last fan. “I went on a Gene Hackman movie binge earlier in the pandemic. Talk about fun! One great performance after another. Highly recommend it.”