Hunter Unveils Ad Campaign With Big Focus on ESG, and ‘Purpose’

Hunter Unveils Ad Campaign With Big Focus on ESG, and ‘Purpose’

LONDON — Hunter’s new chief executive officer Paolo Porta has been putting his stamp on the company in many ways and making a big push on the ESG front. His first big campaign focuses on people doing “purposeful” work in their respective communities and gives a clear idea of where he intends to take the brand.

The new campaign will launch Monday, and is called “For the World Outside.” It wants to highlight the role that Hunter has played in “everyday exploration” for more than 160 years, “and the people who are redefining the brand for future generations.”

Over the summer, Porta unveiled Hunter Protect, the brand’s sustainability and accountability roadmap, and described the new Hunter pillars as “nature, joy, creativity, heritage and protection.”

Hunter Unveils Ad Campaign With Big

An image from Hunter’s new campaign, which spotlights people working within their communities.
Image Courtesy of Hunter

Shot by photographers Ryan Lowry, Anton Gottlob and Alexandra Leese as part of a creative collaboration with Frosty Pop, the campaign spotlights seven very different individuals who are doing their good work while wearing Hunter Original Wellington boots.

Hunter said what they have in common is an “inspired relationship with nature and desire to impact communities in a positive way.” The brand described each of the seven as “everyday leaders who are doing important work to raise awareness and create change through their connection to nature and community.”

The cast includes George Lamb, founder of the community farm and education program Grow based in London, and Damsel Elysium, a visual and sound artist, and tree whisperer from London.

According to Hunter, Elysium creates art by connecting with trees and using their power “to build a rich visual world and soundscape using the double bass and violin.”

Stéphanie Tonnoir also features in the campaign. A skateboarder, video creator and documentarist, she volunteers at the 155 Street Fridge in West Harlem. Tonnoir started the community fridge with her friends during the pandemic to distribute fresh produce to the community.

Porta is also aiming to reposition Hunter as “the leading British outdoor lifestyle brand” with a meaningful connection to nature and a focus on all-season, all-weather gear — not just boots for rainy days.

He has named Lara Meiland-Shaw, who has worked at companies ranging from Amazon to Louis Vuitton and Moncler, as executive vice president of the Americas. Her role will be to pursue wholesale partnerships as well as direct-to-consumer physical and digital activities.

Dave Powell has taken up the role of chief supply chain officer, while global design director Sandra Romboli’s first collection, fall 2022, will land in shops next July.