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It is confirmed what Queen Elizabeth would have done against Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The royal family has yet to say literally anything about Prince Harry ‘s book , and their silence has left plenty of question marks. Will Harry and Meghan be invited to King Charles’ coronation ? Will the couple be stripped of their royal titles? And will their children Archie and Lilibet still be called “Prince” and “Princess” after all this drama? But many wonder: what would Queen Elizabeth do in this situation?

As is well known, Queen Elizabeth passed away in September 2022, and it is difficult to know for sure what her opinion would be in relation to everything that her grandson Prince Harry has been doing, and above all saying, about his royal relatives. While her grandmother is known to have tried to put off her departure from the royal family for as long as she could , Prince Harry also confessed in her autobiography that the queen was saddened when she made the decision to give up the royal family. her real responsibilities.

Asked in his interview on Good Morning America how Queen Elizabeth reacted to her royal departure in early 2020, the prince said her decision “was never a surprise to anyone, and less for her. She knew what was happening, she knew how difficult it was. She never told me that she was angry. I think she was sad that she had reached this point. “

But perhaps there may be a little vestige about Queen Elizabeth’s opinion and what her actions would be. According to royal author Christopher Andersen, speaking to Us Weekly magazine, he said the monarch would have done things differently. Andersen asserts that “nothing could disturb the Queen” and that she “would probably have taken some measure just as she did with Diana”; this is a reference to the Queen asking Princess Diana and then-Prince Charles for a divorce following Diana’s Panorama interview.

“[Queen Elizabeth] is certainly the person who started all of this when she didn’t allow for a royal part-time situation ,” Andersen explained “She could have done it; she could have made all the adaptations for the Sussexes they wanted. She chose not to do that. Because either you’re completely in or you’re out. Apparently, she had no qualms about taking away her military ranks, her ceremonial ranks, which really was a devastating blow to him.”

Meanwhile, Andersen said King Charles could “channel” his mother and “at some point do something decisive to be able to put it behind us.” Andersen continued: “Whether he can do that before May, I don’t know. But he’s probably going to have to at some point.” Regarding King Charles’s position, there are reports that he is seriously considering stripping the Sussexes of their titles from him.


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