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Jenna Ortega: The dark hobby of the actress that links her to Merlina Addams

Adhering to the release of the Merlina collection on Netflix, followers met Jenna Ortega. Although this isn’t her very first function for the young actress, it’s absolutely the one she’ll be kept in mind for some time, however likewise, Jenna Ortega reportedly has more in common with her Merlina Addams personality than we believed.

As it turns out, Jenna Ortega delights in some dubious hobbies very Merlina Addams-esque. “I’m a weirdo. I made use of to execute postmortem examinations on tiny animals when I was younger,” Jenna Ortega shared. “Like, lizards that I located dead in my backyard,” the actress clarified with a light laugh.

The disclose came while Jenna Ortega was being talked to by WIRED to promote her brand-new Netflix show. The meeting belonged to WIRED’s autocomplete series, where celebrities answer the web’s most browsed inquiries regarding themselves.

Jenna Ortega has a good friend just as unusual as her

Jenna Ortega: The dark hobby of the actress that links her to Merlina Addams

Among the questions review: “Are Jenna Ortega and also Maddie [Ziegler] good friends?” “I think they’re speaking about the beautiful, remarkable baby angel face Maddie Ziegler, and also the solution is yes,” Jenna Ortega stated, adding, “She’s one of my buddies. She was somebody I got in touch with instantly.”

“I seem like Maddie and I are the same individual in various bodies. She’s so weird,” Jenna Ortega proceeded, including that Ziegler “is a weirdo in the sense that” she’ll be arbitrarily divided right into personalities, deals with, and motions. “She makes me laugh. We enjoy. We are extremely uncommon together,” Jenna Ortega ended.

Jenna Ortega and also Ziegler starred with each other in the movie The Fallout, which initially aired on South by Southwest in early 2021 as well as premiered on HBO Max in January 2022. It was guided by actress Megan Park, with songs made up by FINNEAS, and also since then they keep a stunning friendship.

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