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Jenna Ortega: The untold truth about the impossible loves of the Merlina actress

Aside from her superior detective skills, at some point, Merlina’s mysterious (sometimes sadistic) ways even land her in the center of a love triangle (sort of). She though she ends the season without a boyfriend. In real life love has knocked on her door From her.

At 20 years old, Jenna Ortega knows that privacy is sacred if you want to survive in the world of entertainment, there are few news about her romances, there have been rumors of possible boyfriends in the past, but none have ever been confirmed. In October 2018, Ortega was linked to Shazam!, Asher Angel after they attended the Venom premiere together. Rumors swirled even more after the couple attended Just Jared’s seventh annual Halloween party together. Neither of them commented.

For years, Jenna Ortega did not comment on the growing interest in her love life. But on a February 2019 episode of the Just Between Us podcast, hosted by Bailee Madison and Kaitlin Vilasuso, she finally addressed the rumors. “According to the internet, I dated six guys, [but] I didn’t date any of them,” she said, nipping all previous speculation in the bud.

Jenna Ortega says Gwendoline Christie is her wife

Jenna Ortega has been reserved and low-key ever since. Even her celebrity crushes of hers have not been shared anywhere, except for a major one that she had when she was a child. “When I was younger, Barack Obama was my first crush,” Ortega admitted. “I was obsessed with him. I watched the opening with goo-goo eyes on my face.” Her admiration even extended to writing letters to the former president, though he never responded.

The platonic crush Jenna Ortega not only goes to the former president, there are other public figures who occupied and occupy her heart “I have always been in love with Viola Davis. If I could have a conversation with her, I think she is one of the most talented people ever.” Although the young woman is currently single, she has a “wife”, at least one at work. Ortega warmed to co-star Gwendoline Christie, who plays director Larissa Weems on the show. “Thank you very much woman. My wife. I love you,” Ortega told the Game of Thrones star after the latter passed him the microphone. “I’m sorry, that might be disrespectful, but that’s my nickname for her, because she’s my wife,” Ortega added later.


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