Jennifer Aniston Jokes About One Recurring Theme of Her ‘Friends’ Wardrobe

Jennifer Aniston seemed to poke fun at herself in an Instagram post about the Friends reunion special. Aniston shared a collage of photos of herself from her days on the show, all wearing a unique wardrobe item — a sleeveless turtleneck sweater. She joined fans in wondering what the practical point of the garment was.

Aniston re-posted a New Yorker cartoon which seemed to make fun of her Friends outfit as well. It showed a woman pointing a knife at a hanger with a sleeveless turtleneck on it, with the caption: “What time of year are you for?!” Aniston followed that up with four pictures of herself wearing sleeveless turtlenecks in different scenes throughout the 10 seasons of friends. Even she seemed confused, captioning it with just one shrugging emoji.

📲: Jennifer Aniston via Instagram Stories.

— Jennifer Aniston Brasil (@JennAnistonBR) June 3, 2021

Aniston did not wear the distinct garment on Friends: The Reunion special which premiered on Thursday, May 27 on HBO Max. She chatted with her former castmates wearing a black tank top with a deep V-neck collar. However, on Friends her character Rachel worked in the fashion industry and consequently took some big swings on outfits that other characters might not have been bold enough to try.

Aniston and her castmates have still been riding the nostalgia high since the reunion special premiered, especially on social media where they can interact directly with fans. On Tuesday, Aniston posted some behind-the-scenes photos from shooting the special, including a selfie she took with the other five main cast members — David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow.

“Still basking in the love from the [Friends reunion],” she wrote. “Thank you each and every one of you. Swipe for… the bazillionth selfie taken with the five of us.”

Aniston has joined her co-stars in saying that filming the reunion was emotional for her personally. The show was a huge success in its time and has found a unique kind of second life in the age of streaming since so many fans binge-watch it and rewatch it there. In an interview with Gayle King on her SiriusXM show, Aniston said: “It was a sucker punch in the heart in a way” to be back on the set.


“You also have to remember we haven’t been there,” she went on. “That time was a very specific time when we were saying goodbye to something that we didn’t want to, we cared deeply about, but we knew it was the time to say goodbye. Our lives were ahead of us. We had our future ahead of us. And it almost felt like time had stopped and we time traveled.”

Friends: The Reunion and all 10 seasons of Friends itself are streaming on HBO Max.