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Jonah Hill says he’d only make ‘Superbad 2’ after he turns 80

Jonah Hill has reignited talks of constructing a sequel to his 2007 smash-hit Superbad, saying he’d be alive to to huge title in it on one condition: It’s made at least 41 years from now.

Hill conducted the role of Seth within the raunchy comedy, starring alongside Michael Cera (as Evan). Primarily based fully on the teen exploits of writers Seth Rogen and Even Goldberg, it’s gone on to alter into a up to the moment-day traditional within the upcoming-of-age style (though Rogen has conceded that a few of its jokes have used poorly).

Rumours of a sequel were typically shut down by the solid and crew, nonetheless in a brand fresh interview with W Magazine – hyping up his fresh role in Don’t Peek Up – Hill published that he has one particular notion for a Superbad redux. “What I wish to attain is when we’re esteem 80, attain a Superbad 2,” he mentioned, noting that he’s yet to formally pitch the root.

“Enjoy, ‘out of date-other folks-house Superbad’. Our spouses die, and we’re single again. That’s what I need Superbad 2 to be, and that’s the handiest contrivance I would ever make it.”

Hill furthermore spoke about his relative lack of fame when the usual Superbad came out, telling W: “I lived in an apartment near Canter’s Deli, in Los Angeles, and there was a Superbad billboard above my dinky-ass apartment. Every day, I would stroll to Canter’s to acquire sandwiches, and no-one knew who I was, but there was a billboard with me on it authorized there! It was nuts. I form of bought this vibe, esteem, whoa – shit’s about to be in point of truth… various.”

Within the meantime, Hill reportedly caught the ire of Netflix throughout the press tour for Don’t Peek Up, as he mentioned final month that he pranked journalists with a digital fart machine.

Searching ahead, Hill is due to the massive title as Grateful Ineffective frontman Jerry Garcia in a biopic about the band, directed by Martin Scorsese. He’s furthermore marked to huge title alongside Eddie Murphy in an as-yet-untitled fresh comedy movie for Netflix.

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