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Learn how to make a “Christmas coquito” from Chayanne

A few days before celebrating Christmas, lots of people are currently getting ready to taste tasty dishes, however additionally beautiful drinks, such is the case of Chayanne, that showed to her fans the household dish to prepare coquitos, a very popular concoction in Puerto Rico and that is a practice in the artist’s festivities.

With his Instagram account, the Torero interpreter uploaded a video to make this dish in the house, which includes alcohol, and as he himself has said, it is very popular at his Christmas parties and that he enjoys among his liked ones.


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” Today I share my coquito recipe, my family members’s tradition every Christmas … I wish you prepare it and also share your videos as well as remarks with me. I’ll be viewing them, “created the popular Puerto Rican singer to accompany his video in which he is seen in front of a table and with all the components all set.

“Coquito a la Chayanne” is the name of this dish and by way of introduction, the singer revealed: You might wonder what I am carrying out in the kitchen, ahh I am a cook, well not a cook, I am a bartender, today a bartender since We are going to make a Puerto Rican coquito and also I intend to inform you how we do it in Puerto Rico in your home, if you want to do it, you rate,” he claimed.

After paving the way to the components, he begins to blend them in a mixer without losing his common sense of wit and after that he paves the way to try it, making motions that it turned out extremely well. To end up, she poured it right into a Christmas themed container and also allow it cool down to draw out its taste.

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