Lingerie Brand Natori Releases Medical Scrubs Collection

Natori is trying out the medical apparel market. 

The luxury lingerie and sleepwear brand has partnered with health care company Care Wear for a new line of scrubs, under scrubs and other wearable medical accessories. The result is a sleek collection that is both soft on the skin yet refined. 

“I wanted the comfort of pajamas, but the look of something you can go out in,” Josie Natori, founder, chief executive officer and chief creative officer of Natori, told WWD. “Something that’s presentable, that’s not just a uniform. So you can go out of the hospital [in the scrubs] and feel really put together. 

“Why shouldn’t people in the health care field look good and feel good and have functional clothes?” she continued. “Why shouldn’t they have choices? That’s what we’re doing. We’re giving them choices and something that’s different than what’s available today. These fabrics have a polished look.” 

Natori Scrubs

Pieces from the Care Wear x Natori scrubs collaboration
Courtesy Photo Jon Moe

The 15-piece Care Wear x Natori scrubs collaboration comes in men’s, women’s and unisex styles. There are scrub tops, pants, under scrubs and caps in a variety of colorways and silhouettes made from a polyester, rayon and spandex blend. 

The difference is in the details. Things like extra pockets (up to eight on select pieces) for carrying essentials, zippers to protect valuables, longer shirt tails to cover your backside if you lean over, badge loops and reinforced collars with Natori’s signature stitching. The fabrics are also wrinkle resistant, moisture wicking, antimicrobial and machine washable. 

“Historically, everyone in the health care space has focused on function and not on how a product makes you look or feel,” said Chaitenya Razdan, founder and chief executive officer of Care Wear. “We’re bringing that attention to detail to design the best possible scrubs and giving the nurses and doctors and clinicians an opportunity to choose what they need. And we’re bringing that into the hospital setting so that individuals can really embrace their own individuality while ensuring that they meet any sort of required hospital standards.”

To do so, Natori and Razdan, a former Goldman Sachs investment banker, spoke with more than 100 different clinicians throughout different parts of the medical industry during the research and development process to find out what was missing. 

Josie Natori and Chaitenya Razdan

Josie Natori and Chaitenya Razdan worked together to create the Care Wear x Natori scrubs collaboration. 
Courtesy Photo

“An anesthesiologist might have a different need than an emergency room physician, who might have a different need than an oncologist, who has different needs than a veterinarian and so on,” Razdan explained. “It was really important for us to have all of them involved in the design process and to be able to create a product that really meets all of their needs. 

The collection comes in sizes XS to XXL and ranges in price from $60 to $80 per set. Products can be purchased at  

Natori Scrubs

The Care Wear x Natori scrubs collaboration comes in men’s, women’s and unisex styles. 
Courtesy Photo Jon Moe

“I hope we can give health care workers the comfort of pajamas,” Natori said. “Scrubs are really pajama tops and bottoms, but they don’t have to look sloppy. For 45 years, that’s what Natori has done: given people the comfort of pajamas, but while still looking good and feeling good 24/7. 

“To me, luxury is about looking good. It’s not just a price point,” she continued. “It’s easy to do something expensive. But to do something that’s affordable and looks good and feels good, to me that’s a great challenge. And I think we’ve achieved that.”