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Matthew Gray Gubler: This is how the Criminal Minds star survived bullying

The things that make Matthew Gray Gubler one-of-a-kind also make him extra lovable. The exact same can be discovered in his Criminal Minds character, Dr. Spencer Reid, who Gubler has been playing because he was 25 years old. As a lot as he enjoyed playing the component, the actor confessed that they are not totally the same.

While Matthew Gray Gubler might not be “clinically minded,” he is a master of creativity and also the arts. As a youngster, he went to an extremely respected doing arts school in Las Vegas (his home town), where he finally felt that he had actually discovered his real calls.

Matthew Gray Gubler is currently applauded for his eccentric character. But throughout his developmental years, the exact same qualities that make him such a distinct and superior personality likewise triggered him to be harassed. Due to the fact that it made him the brave person he is today, Gubler states that he is thankful for the torture he received in his childhood.

Matthew Gray Gubler was harassed at college for his eccentricities

When it comes to Matthew Gray Gubler, the a lot more his peers wanted him to adapt, the more outlandish he ended up being. In this regard, he has commented: “I say thanks to all the harassers I have had since that is the only reason I am right here.” The Criminal Minds star continued, stating, “I’ve found out not to let myself down as well as triumph over it, which made me, once again, if I had any success, it’s because these individuals made fun of me.”

To this day, Matthew Gray Gubler picks to accept the things that make him various from the remainder. As an adult, he uncovers that he obtains along better with similar people who also consider themselves misfits or castaways.

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