MCU Fans Furious Over Loki’s Infinity Stones Joke

You’ve got to hand it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom; they certainly take things very seriously, even if we’re talking about a fictional multiverse of gods, men, monsters and superheroes.

As you may be aware, Disney Plus series Loki debuted today, and it’s pretty much the only thing the internet wants to talk about. Which is fair enough, when it’s a dizzying blend of expanding the mythology, ladling on fan service, creating an air of mystery and providing a showcase for Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief all at once, something it looks set to pull off if the premiere is any indication.

That being said, one scene in particular has proven to be a bone of contention among MCU enthusiasts, after a throwaway gag revealed that many of the Time Variance Authority’s employees use Infinity Stones as paperweights, and there’s so many kicking around from a vast number of realities that drawers are literally full of them. Needless to say, this stuck in many a craw, as you can see from the reactions below.

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We arnt actually upset about the tva having infinity stones right? Like it was a funny joke and makes sense, the tva would smack the avengers ass if they try and brake into there

— Ezra | Loki Spoliers (@EzraOrWhatever) June 9, 2021


Besties- when Loki saw the Infinity Stones it was like the viewer and Loki felt and thought the exact same thing. Everything started to feel irrelevant and meaningless for a split second. Like what was it all even for you know? Such a weird feeling. #Loki

— sabrina (@sabsinths) June 9, 2021

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no but now i’m mad as hell that tva had sets of infinity stones and tony natasha and vision literally died trying to get those fucking stones

— toma🦦 (@ikisszjm) June 9, 2021

Infinity Stones as paperweights? Now wait a minute #Loki

— Noah (@NoahhbyNature) June 9, 2021

The Infinity Stones on TVA is just a paperweight !! 🥴 AHHHAAAAAAAAHHHH #Loki

— Anushree Goswami (@AnushreeGoswa18) June 9, 2021






the infinity stones, so basically infinity war and endgame happened for NOTHING 🧍‍♀️

— valentina carvajal’s gf (real) 🖇 (@ACHAGASFILMS) June 9, 2021

You mean to tell me we lost Natasha, Gamora, Tony, Vision, Mar-Vel, and Phil over paperweights? #Loki

If Thanos was so cursed with knowledge, he woulda known there was a whole drawer fulla Infinity Stones. Did they deem his use of Pym Particles as something supposed to happen?

— Melissa DisKattBeads (@DisoRientedKat) June 9, 2021

After watching the infinity stones kept in table without a gauntlet #Loki

— 🌝🌚 (@heheboiii23) June 9, 2021

Okay. So nobody’s gonna talk about that amount of infinity stones on that guy desk at TVA?#Loki

— DeludedHangSupSapSup™ (@HarisAdams23) June 9, 2021

The writers of Loki really thought „hey lets show them how insane this is by placing a bunch of infinity stones into a desk drawer“. Marvel is on some high shit😂😅

— Franziska (@franalert123) June 9, 2021

It’s like people trying to cancel Tony Stark for not paying the Avengers or people slamming the Eternals for not lending an assist during the Infinity Saga all over again, and the in-canon explanation is probably as simple as the fact the Stones are only significant within the framework of their own reality. Take them out and they’re nothing more than, if you’ll believe it, paperweights.

You do have to admire how staunchly MCU fans will dissect even the most minute details, though, and there’s going to be much more of that to come as Loki progresses over the next five weeks.