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Meghan’s niece that nobody knew and that surprised in the Netflix documentary

One of the huge shocks that the Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan had in store was the involvement of Ashleigh Hale, Meghan Markle’s niece that nobody knew existed.

Ashleigh presented herself as a migration lawyer from San Francisco, saying she was elevated by her concerned grandparents as opposed to her mom, Meghan’s half-sister Samantha Markle, who has a lawsuit against the Duchess of Sussex.

In the third episode of the collection, Ashleigh describes exactly how she came into contact with her Aunt Meghan as a grown-up and they ended up being friends. The former “Suits” actress even invited her to go on holiday together.

” There’s like a sibling element, there’s something motherly, she’s a buddy. I desired a sibling and also she was like a little sibling,” Meghan said.

The sad moment was when Meghan was incapable to welcome Ashleigh to her marital relationship at the royal’s express referral due to her controversial partnership with Samantha. As well as so, with Ashleigh, the only option at that time was not to have her at the wedding event,” the lady explained.

Hale claimed she was “injured on some level, yet I understood where it was originating from,” adding that “recognizing that it was because of my biological parent that this partnership, which is so vital to me, was impacted because means. It’s been tough.”

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