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‘Modern Family’ Star Julie Bowen Reveals She’s ‘Retired’ From Dating

Contemporary Family big name Julie Bowen is no longer any longer dashing into dating. In truth, she’s no longer doing it at all. The humorous actress is opening up about her like existence. Throughout a recent interview on an look on Ellen, Bowen, 51, revealed that she is “very single.” The blonde beauty became married to investor Scott Phillips for 14 years from 2004 to 2018 and has three childhood from the wedding. But since they ruin up, she has no interest in jumping help available.

Bowen said that she’s “retired from dating.” In step with Bowen, she says her lovable dogs became her “retirement gift.” “I became like, I’m done,” she said about her dating future. As a substitute, her dogs, Gertrude Stein, is her point of interest. 

Her childhood luxuriate in also been holding her busy. “They’re into slap combating, Russian slap combating. It’s one thing that they found all the draw through quarantine and they proper whack the crap out of every other,’ Bowen said. She even took them to Austria to head snowboarding, including “the one thing we can invent collectively,” including announcing that it be “a sizable job to invent with boys.”

She honest today went to a Harry Kinds concert in November. Bowen jokes that she has rather of a crush on the singer. Bowen and Phillips confirmed their separation in February 2018 after 13 years of marriage. She even joked that she became sad that Contemporary Family became ending after 11 seasons and he or she became worried about no longer working attributable to her having to fun her divorce case.

“Attain you understand what divorce within the articulate of California is?”she told Us Weekly and other reporters on the time. “I admire working and I joke about that and I’m in actual fact very correct guests with my ex-husband and he knows thoroughly. Bask in, I would possibly perchance perchance well work, regardless of what, I would possibly perchance perchance well work.”


More than the leisure, Bowen and Phillips had been centered on their childhood amid the splits. “My childhood are correct and that’s the reason all that issues, you understand?” she said on the time.

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