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Nicholas Gonzalez: The woman who changed the life of the famous actor from The Good Doctor

Nicholas Gonzalez is best known for playing the duties of “Alex Santiago” on the television series Resurrection Blvd., “Dr. Neil Melendez” in The Good Doctor and also “Dante Ramón” in The Flash. Nicholas comes from a household of attorneys as well as they are all exceptional trainees, including him. Born in San Antonio, Texas, United States, on January 3, 1976, he matured talking 2 languages: English and Spanish.

His bilingual training enables Nicholas Gonzalez to preserve a fluent conversation in Spanish. His parents are John and also Silvia Gonzalez, and also Nicholas took his cue from academia and the value of examining, most likely from his papa John who is a dermatologist doctor as well as has offered in the armed force.

Prior to ending up being an actor, Nicholas Gonzalez earned a bachelor’s degree in literary works from Stanford University, California in 1998, and also to satisfy his pursuit of literature and verse, he invested 2 terms at Oxford University in England. Nicholas wrote his thesis on “Ulysses”, a novel by James Joyces, at Trinity College Dublin. Nowadays after ending up being a successful actor, he hasn’t neglected his literary roots and also sometimes reads up to 8 books a week!

Nicholas Gonzalez would have had a different occupation path had it not been for a mentor

Nicholas Gonzalez: The woman who changed the life of the famous actor from The Good Doctor

While he was still researching letters, Nicholas Gonzalez acted in “Gas”, a one-person play, routed by María Irene Fornés. His Stanford teacher, Alma Martinez, additionally motivated him to come to be a specialist actor, and also his literary path changed completely. Afterwards, he began to act in contemporary as well as classical movie theater, as well as from then on he began to take part in cinema manufacturings. The modification of strategies of his was sustained by fate as well as he obtained a constant stream of functions in both films as well as television shows; his initial date with popularity being his when he landed the duty of Andy on MTV’s ‘Undressed’.

Still a secondary school student, Nicholas Gonzalez became interested in sporting activities as well as won several state satisfies, including the Texas State Championship in the mile as well as two-mile cross country races. Yet his hobbies and also interests are really diverse. For instance, in 2009 he showcased his excellent poker skills by winning second place on the Celebrity World Poker Tour. That he also likes to play video games and golf.

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