Olivier Rousteing Shares Bandaged Selfie After Fireplace Explosion

Olivier Rousteing Shares Bandaged Selfie After Fireplace Explosion

HEALING PROCESS: “I’m unstoppable,” Olivier Rousteing declared on his Instagram account Sunday after sharing a selfie of his upper body and head wrapped in bandages following a fireplace explosion at his Paris home.

The accident occurred one year ago, but Balmain’s creative director only divulged the accident in the notes for his spring 2022 collection, unveiled on Sept. 29 during Paris Fashion Week. The show was held in a stadium venue before thousands of fans who donated money to an AIDS charity to attend the event, done in the style of a music festival.

“A year ago, I suffered some painful burns in an accident,” Rousteing wrote in his collection notes. “Hospital rooms, bandages and gauze wraps suddenly became a big part of my life—and as I began sketching, I found myself translating those months of doctors and physical therapy into today’s many bands, weaves and dangling straps.”

He also noted that he began wearing wide gold bands on every knuckle to hide scars during recovery.

His Instagram post reads like a confessional, revealing that he wore face masks, turtlenecks and long sleeves, even at the height of summer, to disguise his injuries.

“I did everything to hide this story from as many people as possible and trying to keep the secret with my teams and friends for too long,” he wrote, musing: “To be honest I am not really sure why I was so ashamed, maybe this obsession with perfection that fashion is known for and my own insecurities…

“And I truly realized that the power of social media is to reveal only what you want to show!” said Rousteing, who counts 7 million followers on the image-sharing platform, where his motto is “This is my reality.”

“Today, I feel so free, so good and so lucky. I’m beginning a new chapter with a smile on my face and a heart full of gratitude,” he wrote. “There is always the sun after the storm.”


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