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Prince Harry reveals moment with his brother during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

The Duke of Sussex’s relationship with his older brother, Prince William , is currently strained, due to the publication of his memoir “Spare”, where Prince Harry has spoken openly on many sensitive topics, including the number of Taliban. who he killed in Afghanistan , the reason he fled Britain , among others.

But in addition to the controversial book, Prince Harry revealed in his interview with the British journalist Tom Bradby, for the ITV network; that he and his brother Prince William shared a brief moment at the funeral of their grandmother , Queen Elizabeth II, in September 2022. After talking about how surreal Princess Diana’s funeral was, when he and William walked behind the his late mother’s coffin en route from Kensington Palace to Westminster Abbey in 1997; Harry said, “My brother and I were walking the same route recently, and we joked among ourselves and said, ‘At least we know the way’”.

Prince Harry later added: “But otherwise it was very similar. The only difference was the levels of emotion. Because our grandmother was done with life. There was more, I think, a celebration and respect and recognition for what she had achieved. While our mother was taken too young.” In his autobiography, Harry also shared what the years were like after his mother’s death, and how in his delusion as a child, he hoped that she wasn’t really dead.

Prince Harry shared in his book the joke he told his brother William at his grandmother’s funeral

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, were already in the UK making commitments to charities close to their hearts, when they received the heartbreaking news that the Queen had died. The duke had started to arrive at Balmoral on a chartered flight so he could be near his grandmother’s bedside, but sadly he didn’t make it on time. Writing in his memoir, Harry said: “As the plane started to descend, my phone lit up. A text from Meg. ‘Call me the moment you get this.’ I checked the BBC website. Grandma was gone. Dad was king.”

Unfortunately, those little sibling inside jokes are now far from over due to the rift between Diana’s children; and you can already see actions that are taken to stop stirring up the waters. For example , Prince Harry was unable to attend the BAFTA Awards Tea Party , on January 14 in Los Angeles, California; Because his brother Prince William is the president.


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