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Princess Haifa: All about the Saudi Arabian princess who wants to sign Lionel Messi

The richest royal family in the world is located in the Middle East, and it is none other than the historic monarchy of Saudi Arabia. On its own website, the House of Saud claims that his net worth is around $1.4 trillion. But this does not scare its most prominent member, Haifa bint Muhammad Al Saud, also known as Princess Haifa , who has been at the forefront of the country’s tourism efforts and was the only one who managed to see a soccer match with the most important player. of recent history, the Argentine Lionel Messi .

Princess Haifa is the daughter of Muhammad bin Saud Al Saud, and has a respectable position within the Saudi royal family because her father, Muhammad, is a great-grandson of Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud. The latter is known to be the half-brother of Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud, who founded Saudi Arabia. Although the entire family consists of thousands of royals, Ella Haifa stands out for her good educational pedigree and experience in various fields of expertise.

This Saudi royal earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of New Haven in the United States, and not content with that, Princess Haifa also has a master’s degree from the University of London. Haifa began her career at HSBC Holdings as an analyst, later becoming a senior equity sales associate before joining the Ministry of Higher Education in 2012 as a consultant. In her Bloomberg profile (a media conglomerate that provides financial news and information, research and financial data), the Saudi monarch is listed as a board member of Saudi Arabia’s General Civil Aviation Authority.

Princess Haifa made headlines when she was appointed Deputy Minister of Tourism , and from this masterful position within the Saudi Ministry of Tourism; she has made headlines for her new tourist visa program that allows residents of the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union to apply for visas upon arrival in Saudi Arabia. But what has really made this visionary princess known are her efforts to boost tourism in her country.

Princess Haifa hosted Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi in the historic city of Jeddah , extending a warm welcome to the soccer superstar-turned-tourist ambassador for Saudi Arabia. The princess and the soccer legend were seen having dinner with her friends and were also photographed while strolling through the historical parts of the city. “Earlier today, I had a great time showing Messi and his friends the historical area of ​​Jeddah,” Princess Haifa wrote on her Twitter account. “I’m glad he was mesmerized by his essence, heritage and beauty.”

Definitively, the Arab Vice Minister of Tourism, Princess Haifa, laid the foundations for what would be the signing of the historic star Lionel Messi : according to reports, the Al Hilal and Al Itihad teams were willing to pay 350 million euros to the star to take him to Saudi Arabia, and both teams had also asked the government for help in making the offer.

But this is not all that Haifa is capable of. In another monumental feat, Princess Haifa of Saudi Arabia founded the Zahra Breast Cancer Association, which raises early awareness of women’s health issues. But not content with that, the sporty-inclined princess once served as vice president of the Saudi Fencing Federation and chairwoman of the women’s committee at the Arab Fencing Federation. Princess Haifa also used to be the managing director of the General Sports Authority, quite the epitome of female empowerment!


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