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Ragga Ragnars: This is what the actress who played Gunnhild in the Vikings series looks like now

Success was a part of Ragga Ragnars ‘ life before acting, the star born Ragnheiður Ragnarsdóttir was a professional swimmer specializing in sprint freestyle events. She made her Olympic debut at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens as Iceland’s youngest swimmer at just 19 years old.

Ragga Ragnars also swam in Beijing (2008) and became a mother in 2013. It was then that she began working on her other lifelong dream of becoming an actress, heading to Los Angeles with her son to study at the Academy New York Film Festival in Burbank, CA.

“I first saw Vikings when I was at home with my newborn son and fell in love with show business. I could see myself there, and I did. Mental visualization and meditation are extremely important in my life. It’s a great tool to have in your arsenal of life hacks. When I was swimming, it was a great way to calm the nerves and body, visualize, or just give myself a breather. As an actress, it also helps me memorize lines, be sharp when filming, and calm down after a day of emotions and drama.”

Ragga Ragnars looks beautiful and calm in recent images posted on her Instagram account

The now actress, Ragga Ragnars narrates the reason why she started swimming “I started swimming when I was 6 years old. My parents told me and my brothers that we had to choose a sport to play and an instrument to learn. I chose swimming and flute. I wanted to learn to play the guitar, but having to carry my swim bag to school every day, carrying a flute seemed better than a guitar. I tried a few other sports but I loved being in the water. I felt good and I liked my coach and teammates.”

Now at 38 years old, she is focused on good energy for all aspects of her life. The great drive and discipline of Ragga Ragnars comes from within: “I listen to my heart. When my heart tells me to reach some height, I follow it and smile my way.”


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