Ricky Gervais Says After Life Season 3 Contains ‘Worst Moment I’ve Ever Seen Made For TV’

Ricky Gervais Says After Life Season 3 Contains ‘Worst Moment I’ve Ever Seen Made For TV’

In fact, he even said he believed that Netflix wouldn’t dare to broadcast it, although it seems as if it’s going to.

The ‘most shocking’ third season is one of the most hotly-anticipated shows on the world’s largest streaming platform, so you can imagine them cutting Gervais a bit of slack, given how much audiences have enjoyed the stuff that has gone before.

The multi-award winning series follows Gervais’ character Tony as he tries to get over his wife’s death from cancer, making people cry as well as laugh along the journey.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

However, as the season – which could be the last for the show – continues, Gervais has warned there’s at least one scene that might rub some viewers up the wrong way.

He told Daily Star: “Series two was bad enough, but in series three, there are two of the cast who do the worst thing I’ve ever seen made for television.

“I was cutting it down and thinking, ‘Even Netflix won’t put that out’.”

That said, he’s said the third series is the ‘best one yet’ and praised his co-workers in the cast and crew for working through the obvious challenges of Covid-19 in customary Gervais style.

He said: “Every single person in the cast is incredible… and I take all the credit!”

In terms of what we might expect to see during the next season, details are quite thin on the ground.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Gervais and the rest of the team have been remaining tight-lipped on what is planned to happen, but – at the very least – he has revealed there won’t be a tragic ending for one of the show’s most beloved characters.

That’s right, he’s confirmed he won’t be killing off Brandy the dog.

Tweeting after the show broke the record for most popular British show in the world, he told fans: “Thanks for making #AfterLife the most watched British comedy in the world. Season 3 is the best yet. Also, the dog does not die. Good Girl!”

As season two ended, Tony was seen just about avoiding his own death by suicide following the death of his dad.

His dad’s nurse Emma showed up to save him at the last moment, and the pair went into his house as the credits rolled.

There’s currently no solid release date for the next series, but you can bet fans will be waiting on tenterhooks.