Rosetta Getty Resort 2022

Heading into the resort season, Rosetta Getty wanted to continue to explore the ideas of transitioning from the comforts of home into the world. 

“When designing this collection, we were trying to envision this world wherein which we’d be going out and interacting. What is that? What does the in-between look like? We’re not at home anymore, but used to being at home and having everything be casual, so how do we step out of that?” she said over the phone.

As always, Getty displayed the collection through a special, artistic lens; her artist of the season: author Natasha Stagg. For the look book, Stagg wrote “The Party” — a short story illustrating three young New York City women “meeting once again in festivity” — to accompany the looks and drive home the ideas of togetherness with creative, celebratory, joyful times ahead. Stagg’s handwriting, too, was turned into a print on a crepe viscose kaftan and scarf.

The look: “In-between fashions,” i.e., a balance of holiday-ready attire, frocks and tops influenced from bestselling swim styles (swimwear also accompanied the ready-to-wear in fashionable ways), and polished daywear. 

Quote of note: “When we were thinking about coming up with an interesting new medium to inspire the collection, we thought it would be interesting to work with an author because everything’s been so dictated by the news and it’s been hard to get out of what people are telling us we need to think and we need to be. We decided it’d be really great to make up a world in which we hoped to live in. We told Natasha, ‘We want it to be positive. Do whatever you want, but if it can be something uplifting and hopeful, that’d be great!’” Getty said, adding “Now we’re living in this story more-or-less.”

Key pieces: Swimwear-inspired cutout, ruched frocks and tops (paired with chic trousers or a short suit set); an ultra-soft, unfussy sequined evening dress; a “boyfriend blazer” cardigan, worn with a cashmere bucket hat and waisted leather culottes; updated, sharp suiting, grounded with shearling clogs.

The takeaway: Getty’s transitional fashions offered comfort and sophistication hand-in-hand.