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Shemar Moore: This is how the actor from the Criminal Minds series looks at the best moment of his life

Shemar Moore is a man who makes women swoon because he is big, handsome and has a calm and collected demeanor in whatever role he is playing as he acts like a very caring and sensitive man. Whether as Hondo in SWAT and Derek Morgan in Criminal Minds. Shemar’s whole idea of ​​confidence is being courteous to others, having faith in himself, and remembering how to treat people the way his mother taught him.

Shemar Moore ‘s relationship with his mother was especially particular. He and his mother, Marilyn, shared a close relationship. The woman was a constant in his life and has influenced him a lot. Shemar attributes her successes to her. The actor believes that his love for his mother radiates throughout him and gives him a special appeal that women find irresistible. The fact that he loves his mother assures women that they, too, can be loved by him to such an extent and more. Marilyn’s death left him devastated in 2020 but now there are 2 new women in his heart who fill him with joy.

The first is Jesiree Dizon with whom Shemar Moore has been in a relationship for some time now, she is an actress and model who is currently under contract with Wilhelmina, has appeared on the screens of numerous popular shows such as Hawaii Five-O, Days of Our Lives and True Blood. Shemar Moore revealed that she was expecting her first baby on the third anniversary of her mother’s death. From her, Jesiree already has 2 older children.

In the prime of his life, Shemar Moore is happy and fulfilled, showing off his first daughter with great pride

“I’m Shemar Moore, I’m 52 and a half years old. My mother is in heaven, it will be three years old right now on February 8,” he said. “And on February 8th I’m going to make one of her dreams come true because, in real life, Shemar Moore is about to be a dad.” But nature decided to brighten his life earlier and the arrival of his first daughter, Frankie Moore, was brought up a few days.

The SWAT and Criminal Minds actor, 52, shared the first photo of his newborn daughter Frankie in an Instagram post celebrating her arrival and looking in her prime . “FRANKIE MOORE!!!!” the proud new dad began the caption of his photo of him, where he holds the newborn close to her face. “I was born on January 24th…at 3:38pm…7.1lbs…20 inches…10 fingers and 10 toes…I am already THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! DREAMS COME TRUE!!” “Grandma Marilyn is in heaven drinking her wine and doing her happy dance… I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU every day mom ��️❤️,” he noted, referring to her late mother. Marilyn Wilson Moore, who died in 2020.


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