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Sophie Turner: What the actress had to go through to keep her role in Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones series offered us its share of intrigues and spins between the personalities for 8 periods. All defending their survival and also their power, not thinking twice to obtain dirty and also although not all the actors in the actors were from the starting they handled to earn their area in the hearts of the fans, thankfully this was not the situation for Sophie Turner, who he was doing his finest for his character from the get go.

Sophie Turner, had a vital task in the HBO sci-fi series, she played Sansa Stark, among the children of Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell, Guardian of the North as well as Hand of the King Robert Baratheon, rather an obstacle for the actress that At only 15 years of ages, he personified the personality and also taking a jump in his expert career.

In enhancement to facing pressure from the media, she had to adhere to strict beauty regimens unique for Game of Thrones. To make particular scenes a lot more realistic, it happens that fiction joins truth and also effects those that symbolize their role, as occurred with Sophie Turner. At the start of the first season, when she is still a child, her red hair closely resembles her mother’s.

Sophie Turner was forbidden to wash her hair while filming the collection.

Game of Thrones period 5 is an actual turning point for the character in the job of Sansa Stark as well as for Sophie Turner. The actress discusses during a meeting for InStyle what they asked her to do, “they asked me not to clean my hair any longer and also it was really horrible. For several years I had to cope with oily hair.”

Unfortunately, that had not been the only setback for the actress’s poor hair. Sophie Turner dyed consistently, going from blonde, her all-natural color, to red, and after that black. The exposure to many chemicals wound up causing her hair to befall, so Sophie Turner was forced to wear wigs to avoid more damages and that she would certainly wind up hairless in the future.

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