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Teddy Sears: This is what the actor looked like in his first leading role before the success of Chicago Fire

Is there a TV series that Teddy Sears hasn’t appeared on in the last two decades? Sears’ career has only been on the rise since he began working on the US soap opera “One Life to Live” playing “Chad Bennett.” His mother never imagined that the soap opera she watched when she was pregnant with him would be his first role on television and that it would lead to a successful acting career.

Teddy Sears is a native of Maryland, United States, and after his season on “One Life to Live” he went through a large number of series: Ugly Betty, CSI, Big Love, Mad Men, Samantha Who?, Dollhouse, LA Law & Order, Sex and the City (in which he had an uncredited role as “Fashion Show Guy”), and in the first season of American Horror Story, where he played “Patrick,” one of the many ghosts trapped in “Murder House”.

This was the step to be part of the main cast of his next job. Shortly after American Horror Story aired, Teddy Sears auditioned for “ Masters of Sex ” in 2013, a Showtime show set in the 1950s where he played “Dr. Austin Langham”. Fortunately for the actor, his wife is also an actress, so it was no problem for him to play such a controversial role. After that came others like The Client List, Blue Bloods, Harry’s Law, The Flash, Timeless, How to Get Away With Murder, and of course his hit Chicago Fire.

Teddy Sears starred in the series “Masters of Sex” in 2013

Teddy Sears has been married since 2013 to actress Milissa Skoro, known for her roles in Bosch, The Mentalist and NCIS: Los Angeles. The couple is very private and rarely talks about their relationship, but when Teddy was asked about when he wanted to be an actor, he stated: “My wife loves to criticize me for it, because she grew up wanting to be an actress, and she is, but for me, it was never an overt desire. It was never really a conscious thing, until she was.”

Teddy Sears added that his vocation did not become a conscious desire until he was in New York City and he was 23 years old: “I worked briefly with a modeling agency and they sent some of their guys to audition for a soap opera. I went to the audition thinking it would be a great story for my grandchildren. That’s what went through my mind. I didn’t know anything about acting, I just knew that the acting I didn’t like was the kind that looked fake.” Of course, that was how he landed his first role and what led him to quit his business career, and pursue acting.


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