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The differences between the treatment of Prince Harry and Prince William at school

The estrangement of Prince William and his sibling, Prince Harry is sad sufficient for those that bear in mind just how close the bros became after their mother, Princess Diana, was killed in a cars and truck accident in Paris in 1997. In a 2017 documentary by HBO, “Diana, Our Mother.”: Her Life and Legacy,” they talked openly regarding her proceeding grief over her death. That sorrow was raw when both William and Harry were teens, and the way they were dealt with at the boarding school apparently varied considerably.

In 2018, The Cut talked to some previous boarding school classmates of Prince William and Prince Harry. Stating William was “prominent” and “cherished by both children and educators”, the classmate defined the Prince of Wales as “a kind of homecoming king” adding,” however Harry wasn’t I believe Harry possibly had a more difficult time locating his way.”

Of training course, Harry being Harry, he also took the possibility to land a slight hint in the direction of his older sibling, that is first in line to the throne. I’m a more youthful brother, however I’m way cooler than my older bro.”

Prince William and Prince Harry were discriminated at school

While the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry likes to joke regarding his school days at Eton, he also admits that he’s for life thankful for his outstanding upbringing. In 2020, throughout a video clip phone call with Malala Yousafzai, Harry opened up about his time at boarding school.

Despite looks, it appears that Prince William may have had trouble at Eton too, just like Harry. As it turns out, among William’s classmates and rugby colleagues was none besides Oscar-winning actor, Eddie Redmayne. As the star of “The Danish Girl” recounts, the Prince of Wales was the undeclared target of some unneeded roughness on the pitch. “I always felt a little sorry for him since basically any kind of school you bet, all they wished to do was face Prince William and they could claim, ‘I removed Prince William,'” Redmayne claimed. “So if you were With Prince William, like me, it was in fact fairly simple and fun.”

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